Thursday, May 31, 2012

Red + Navy

Navy and red striped top: Banana Republic, winter 2012
Cast Chroma A-Line skirt by Postcard:  Anthropologie, winter 2012
Red peep toe slingbacks:  Circa Joan & David
Earrings:  Banana Republic, buy here
I've been having a problem with too-large skirt syndrome lately.  I guess I'd rather have that as opposed to the too-tight skirt syndrome, but still, it's annoying. Both of these pieces have been sitting in my closet, tags attached, since March.  I probably was a couple pounds heavier at the end of the winter, as I always tend to be, because I swear this skirt fit fine when I bought it.
This outfit looks totally unfinished.  It definitely is in need of a necklace and/or belt!  Accessorizing is not my strong suite, as often times in the morning I'm too impatient.  I did receive a lot of compliments on this outfit today, which surprises me because looking at the picture I am not loving it.  Ah well, win some lose some!  Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Factory Casbah pencil skirt

Silk pin tuck top in charcoal:  J.Crew, winter 2012
Pencil skirt in jade/casbah print:  J.Crew Factory website (I can't link since factory website only open on weekends! Check to see if it's still available when Friday rolls around!)
"Password" pumps:  Seychelles
Necklace:  Contest prize from the awesome Gigi of Gigi's Gone Shopping

I really love when J.Crew Factory takes a popular print from a few seasons ago and remakes it into other pieces.  Many of us loved the silk top in the Casbah print last spring.  I own it and have worn it a lot.  This spring I was thrilled to see that the Factory had come out with a gorgeous pencil skirt in the same exact pattern and colors!  I ordered a 6 and I have plenty of room...I could have gone with a 4 but I was afraid of it being too tight.  It definitely stretched during the day but it's not so big that I can't wear it, so no worries. Just keep that in mind if you are ordering it.  The saturated colors of this skirt are outstanding, they are even brighter than they were on the silk top!  My only complaint is it is unlined.  J.Crew Factory, you're still charging $79.50 for a skirt.  I don't think a lining is too much to ask! 
I finally tore myself away from my beloved bubble necklace to wear another gorgeous piece- I won this necklace from a blog contest held by Gigi of Gigi's Gone Shopping.  She's hilarious and shares my love for J.Crew, so hers has always been a favorite blog of mine.  Thanks for the necklace Gigi!
Check out my photographer's shadow at the bottom of the much as he grumbles about it, I thank my husband for snapping the shot everyday!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dutch Yellow Shift

Dutch Yellow Shift Dress by Maeve:  Anthropologie, Summer 2011
Nude peep toes:  Via Spiga, buy here
Bubble necklace:  J.Crew Factory Store
It was cloudy and rainy this morning, so I brought my own sunshine with this yellow flowered dress.  I threw on a J.Crew Jackie cardi in sea breeze to make it more work approrpriate, but I prefered to show you a picture of the dress on its own.  The dress matches my neighbor's yellow house quite nicely, no? 
I know, I know.  The bubble necklace.  I just can't stop.  I will tire of it soon.  I think.
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

That skirt looks retro

Embroidered circle lace shell:  Banana Republic Man Men Collection, Spring 2012
Lido Light Skirt:  We Love Vera, Anthropologie, Summer 2011
Sandals:  Jack Rogers Navajo Rio in turquoise/gold:  Buy here
Bubble necklace:  J.Crew Factory Store
I apologize for looking a bit bleary-eyed in this picture, as it was taken at the end of the evening after hosting a barbeque for 8 adults and 10 children.  We had a wonderful time though, and this summer skirt and lightweight shell were cool and crisp for the hot night!  When my husband finally had time to look at my outfit tonight, he said "that skirt looks retro."  I agree!  I think I was born in the wrong time period.  I love all fashion from the 1950's and '60's, the full skirts, nipped in waists and boat neck tops.  But really, who doesn't love that time period?  It was so feminine and graceful.
You can yell "Enough of the bubble necklace!" at any time now.  I can't seem to stop wearing it,which is so unlike me!  I guess that proves it was a good purchase.
Happy Memorial Day!  I'm proud of our country and thankful to all of those men and women who serve America.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Date Night

Ribbon Grass Dress by Sariah:  Anthropologie Spring 2012
Gold leather handbag:  Ann Taylor
Gold espadrilles:  Michael by Michael Kors
Bubble necklace:  J.Crew Factory Store
Just a quick post tonight as my impatient husband is waiting for me to walk out the door!  Parents will understand we don't like to waste a precious moment of babysitter time, but I wanted to post my date outfit!  I always considered the Ribbon Grass dress to be like the red-headed step sister to the Palma dress, as ladies did not like it nearly as well due to the more muted colors and shorter length.  I rescued it from the sales rack when it reached $49.95 (marked down from $188) and I'm so glad I did!  It's so fun and ruffley and cool for a hot summer evening!  It's on the short side for sure...but that's ok by me.
Of course now that I have this bubble necklace I want to wear it all the time!  So glad I found one!
Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pool happy hour

Sun dress:  Lilly Pulitzer, summer 2011
Sandals:  Jack Rogers Navajo Rio in Fushia/Gold:  Buy here
For the past few summers we've totally been mooching off my mom by using the pool at her country club instead of shelling out the money for our own membership somewhere.  This year we finally decided to act like grown-ups and we joined our own swim club, the Cincinnati Sports Club.  One fun event the club does is Friday night happy hours at the pool, where the kids swim and the adults "socialize."  Let's just say there's a lot of bathing suit-clad moms and dads running around after their kids with wine and beer in their hands.  Anyway, it's a fun way to spend the evening with kids and friends, and no one really wants to look schleppy.  A bright Lilly sun dress was a good option when I wasn't in my swim suit.  I bought two pairs of Jack Rogers navajos a few months back when was having a 20% off promo.  I chose fuschia trimmed in gold and turquoise trimmed in gold, and I'm sure they will get a lot of wear this summer.
Thanks for visiting!  Date night tomorrow with some friends.  I'll be sure to post outfit pictures!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bubble necklace + stripes

Eryn dress in navy stripe: Lilly Pulitzer, sold out online but I saw some on eBay!
Bubble necklace:  J.Crew Factory
Nude pumps:  Tahari
Flower belt:  Nordstrom
What I have learned about myself since starting a blog:  1) I am a dress hoarder, and 2) I am a nude heel addict.  Alrighty, now that that's out of the way let's move on to the outfit. 
I've had this Lilly Pulitzer dress hanging around in my closet, tags attached, since last fall.  Then the winter moved in and I never wore it.  Then spring arrived and it still didn't get any love.  Then I put it on this morning and wondered what took me so long? The navy stripes, the boatneck, the retro love love.  I paired my J.Crew Factory bubble necklace with it for a pop of color.  I have been drooling over the retail version of the bubble necklace, here, but I couldn't bring myself to shell out $150 for costumer jewelry even though I think it's amazing.  I am still kicking myself for not buying the red retail version last Christmas, when it was $89.99 with an additional 30% off.  Gaaaah, what was I thinking?  Anyway, the Factory version, at $69.50 with a 30% off promo, was a good substitute at less than one third of the retail price.  It is much smaller than the original, but that's ok.  I really do love it!  The necklace is sold out online, and it was also sold out at my local J.Crew Factory.  But the nice sales associate found one for me in Wisconsin and had it mailed to me.  (Also see the Factory version of the bubble necklace on Shopping with M.)

Look at my tired face!  It's been a long work week!  Fortunately I am taking tomorrrow off work, so I will be starting my 4 day weekend soon.  NICE.  I'll definitely post some outfits over the weekend though, so stop back!  Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The dress that came home with me

Lillian dress in gardenshade floral watercolor:  J.Crew, sold out online but check in-store
Mary jane heels: Sam Edelman, DSW
Surprise!  This dress had to come home with me after my J.Crew dress reviews.  It was marked way down  and I just adore the colors.  I had a long, busy work day today and wearing this dress made me feel confident all day!  It looks great on its own without a necklace or belt...but I think I will be able to remix it quite a bit too for different looks!  I make exceptions on my shopping ban for exceptional items.  This is a size 4 and I still have plenty of room so definitely try it onbefore you buy.  It even has pockets!  A winner for me.
The long weekend can't come soon enough for me!  We have lots planned, including dinner out with friends, a cookout at our house, and lots of pool time!  I just have to make it through the week first! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

J.Crew dressing room reviews: Part 2

Thanks for taking a look at my first set of J.Crew reviews!  For Part 2 I tried on several dresses.  Here we go!

Tiered shift dress in raindrop lace:  $188, here
I loved this on the rack, but when I tried it on I was disappointed.  It is far too short, and runs small.  I am almost always a size 4 in J.Crew dresses, but one look at this one on the rack and I knew to size up.  That doesn't bother me, as I'm not one to get too phased about sizes.  But why is it so short?  It looked even shorter IRL.  I'd say anyone over 5'6" will find this to be short in length.  I did like how it nips in at the waist and felt that was a flattering aspect of the dress.  The color is called apricot mist, which was pretty but may wash some ladies out.  All in all a pass for me.

Lucille dress in scalloped eyelet:  $188 here
If I didn't have a new white Lilly Pulitzer dress just begging to be worn, I would be seriously tempted by this sweet little frock.  Nothing says summer to me more than white dresses and eyelet.  This is a size 4 and TTS.  The neckline was lovely and the length was good.  It also comes in petite, and it comes in purple as well.  If you're in the market for a new summer white dress, give this one a try!

Attache dress in linen-canvas (color ocean front): here
This dress is not on sale online but the ocean front color is $99.99 in-store.  I adore this color so much and desperately wanted to love this dress.  While I found the shape to be flattering, the linen material was a deal breaker for me.  I easily wrinkled it simply by squeezing some of the fabric in my hand.  Since I am in and out of my car all day, I would be a wrinkled disaster by noon if I wore this to work.  I think even if you wore this to an office job, you'd be wrinkled unless you stood all day long!  Size-wise this fit great, this is a size 4 and TTS.  If you don't mind wrinkly linen, this may be good for you...for me, I had to sadly pass.

And now, here are two sale dresses that may be hanging on your J.Crew clearance racks.  If they are, give them a whirl as they are marked down quite a bit!

Fabiola dress in abstact leopard, $59.99 in-store, $89.99 online here
I liked this dress so much more than I thought I would.  It probably would have come home with me if it wasn't so low cut.  I considered a lace cami underneath, but I wasn't sure that would be comfortable.  For cocktails or dinner maybe?  I found the fit very flattering and the length great for me.  This is a 4 and TTS.  It's a steal at $59.99 in-store.  I highly recommend you check it out!

Lillian dress in gardenshade floral watercolor, sold out online but check in store
I love this dress for work, an evening work function, church, so many things!  Clean lines, appropriate neckline, nice length.  The fabric, a silk-woold blend, is wonderful and feels expensive.  Check your local J.Crew, as it is marked to a steal at $69.99 in-store. 

What do you think of these dresses?  Are there any other dresses at J.Crew that are catching your eye?
Thanks for visiting!

Suited up

Black suit:  Ann Taylor, similar here
Ruffled Kelsi top:  J.Crew, 2010, similar here
Cap toe shoes:  Tahari, similar here
Today was a suit- required day.  I didn't mind though, I felt rather pulled together in this ensemble.  For some reason a suit, while not the most exciting outfit, always makes me feel confident.  The ruffles and polka-dots kept it fun, and the cap toe heels brought a little sass to my work day.  Ann Taylor is a great place for classic suits.  I used to love that store, not it just doesn't excite me as much anymore.  I do still turn to Ann Taylor for suits on occassion though. Does your job require you to wear a suit?  How do you keep it fresh and feminine? 

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, May 21, 2012

J.Crew dressing room reviews, Part 1

Let me start out by saying I am loving J.Crew's spring and summer lines.  The colors are amazing and the silhouettes are so flattering.  I kind of want to live inside J.Crew's summer catalogue, but that's an issue I'll just have to work through.  So for the first round of reviews, I wanted to show you some tops that are flying off the shelves in Cincinnati along with the ubiqutous colored denim that is everywhere right now.  Here we go!

Sequin Anchor Top, $98 here
Garment dyed ankle zip toothpick jean in neon rose:  $125 here
Ahhh is this not the most perfect Saturday casual date night ensemble?  I am insane for this sequin tank!  My local J.Crew only had one small and a couple extra smalls left, and the sales associate said they have been selling very quickly.  I can see why, it is adorable!  I love anything with an anchor on it!  And as much as I've resisted the colored denim trend, for fear of looking like I am chasing my youth, I really did find these pants flattering.  They were stretchy enough to be comfortable as well.  I'm wearing a size small in the tank and a size 28 in the jeans.  Both seemed to fit TTS on me but the sales associate did say the jeans are running small...the description calls them "super skinny" so that doesn't surprise me.  You may want to size up... try them on for sure!

Tiered dot tank in soft blush:  $69.50 here
These blush-y colors tend to wash me out, but I actually like this tank paired with these jeans.  For brunch it's perfect.  The tank is nice and thick and not sheer.  I really liked it but wouldn't pay full price, as I feel like these kinds of tanks are usually marked down to reasonable prices rather quickly!  This is a small- runs TTS.

Silk bow cami in stripe:  $98 here
Remember when all the ruffle camis first came out a few years ago at J.Crew, and everyone was insane for them and they were around $88?  Yeah J.Crew has bumped all their cami prices up to $98 and above now.  A little high for my taste but this is a lovely little top.  I really liked the floral version too, but I adore stripes so I chose this one to try on.  The only negative is I don't think you can wear a regular bra with it, probably a strapless is required.  Which I'll do if necessary, but I prefer a regular bra to keep the girls where they need to be. Anyway, I'm so happy J.Crew is bringing back pretty silk camis and tops.  I'm wearing a size 4 here, so I'd say this top is also TTS.

Scoopneck blouse in colorblock stripe:  $135 here
Remember Fruit Stripe gum?  That immediately popped in my head when I saw this top.  It's shaped exactly like the anchor top that's now on sale, and it has the same cute buttons on the shoulders.  I love it!  So fun with jeans for casual or a skirt for work.  The silk is a nice quality and the shape good.  I'm wearing a size 4 and it is TTS.  Wishlisted for me!

Tomorrow I will have several dress reviews from J.Crew.  Hope this helps anyone considering any of these items!  Thanks for visiting!

Dots + Flowers

Silk polka dot tee:  J.Crew, Fall 2011
Odille floral skirt:  Anthropologie, Spring 2010
Mary Janes heels:  Sam Edelman
Flower belt:  Nordstrom
Necklace:  Banana Republic
I have this thing about pattern mixing.  When it's done right, it looks adorable and deliberate.  When it's done wrong, it just looks random and silly.  I always have all these pattern-mixing ideas, but fear of falling in the latter category usually prevents me from actually wearing the ideas. Today I decided to go for it.  This silk tee is almost a neutral, so I thought starting small would be best.  I have had this silk top from J.Crew for months, but it's so delicate and light colored (WHY didn't I go with the navy? So much lower maintainence) that I've been scared to wear it for fear of spilling or sweating in it!  Fortunately neither fashion faux pas happened to me today and the silk tee made it safely back into my closet without incident.  So what do you think?  Did I do OK with my first pattern mixing experience? 

I have two sets of J.Crew reviews to bring to you this week!  I'm very excited about them!  Thanks for checking out my blog!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Are those owls on your top?

Lemon Lift-off Blouse by Girls of Savoy:  Anthropologie, Fall 2011
Sun-stitched skirt by Tiny:  Anthropologie, Spring 2011
Twinkled Scallops Headband:  Anthropologie, buy here
Pumps:  Banana Republic, old
I was on the fence about this outfit when I walked out the door today.  Mainly because the last time I wore this skirt, last summer, some girl asked me "Oh my gosh, how are you feeling?"  You know people only ask that question for one reason:  when they think you're pregnant!   It made me so paranoid I couldn't wear this skirt for the rest of the summer.  Anyway,  I've had this outfit in mind for a while but wasn't sure about the proportions.  But then I received a zillion compliments on this outfit all day!  Plus many "Are those owls on your top?"  Why yes, yes they are.  And who doesn't love a tiny wise old owl print?  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  We just joined the Cincinnati Sports Club, and the outdoor pool is opening early this weekend since the weather in Cincinnati has been so warm all spring.  That's where we'll be all weekend so not sure how many posts I'll have!  Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Polka dot dress:  Banana Republic, spring 2012, sold out.  Cute alternative here
Pink pumps: Seychelles, similar here
Necklace:  Gift from mom
The ease of a dress cannot be understated.  Throw it on, add heels and a necklace, done.  More simple and less time consuming than packing lunches for 3 little boys. 

Three things that make me feel sassy and young:  1. Getting carded while dashing into the market to buy a bottle of wine, 2.  Being called Miss rather than the dreaded ma'am, and 3.  Wearing polka dots.  All three of which occured this week, and it's only Thursday.  I can only imagine what the weekend will hold.  Thanks for visiting! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seersucker + flowers

Seersucker blazer:  J.Crew, 2009
Perennial shift dress by Anna Sui:  Anthropologie, Spring 2011
Burgundy pumps:  Seychelles
This day was a whirlwind!  It went something like this:  Earling morning gym - boys to school - work - boys home - pool with friends - baseball practice - ice cream at the park - home.  And my husband is out of town so it was yours truly doing all the running!  I have found that it doesn't matter if you work or stay home... all of my mom friends are constantly running around either way.  I actually enjoyed all of it today though...the boys are at good ages now, so it's not as hard to handle them all alone.  Now that my older two are 7 and 5, it is getting much easier.  And the baby already thinks he's a big kid at age 2, trying to keep up with his brothers.  It makes me a little sad that they're growing up so quick.  Sad enough to add another baby to the mix?  We'll see. That is the big question around here.

I wore some old favorites today.  This dress may be a weee bit short for work, but since I was completely covered up on top I thought I could get away with it.  In the warmer months I am crazy for all things seersucker, and this jacket has been a great summer staple.  Do you love seersucker?   Looking at the picture I could have definitely used a necklace.  I am no good with accessories in the morning!  I need to start planning that aspect of my outfits better.  That has been my favorite part of keeping a blog so far... to look at my outfits and determine what's missing, what could be added.  Blame my Type A personality. 
Thank you for visiting!  I get so excited by comments too, so feel free to share your thoughts!  Hope you are having a great week!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

J.Crew Long No.2 pencil skirt

Farren blouse:  Anthropologie, buy in limited sizes here
Long No. 2 pencil skirt in sovereign paisley:  J.Crew, buy here
Black pumps:  Via Spiga

Hello there!  How's your week going?  What are your thoughts on J.Crew's Long. No 2 pencil skirts? The length is ok on me, but I don't LOVE it...but I do love the paisley print.  I can definitely see this length looking much too long and dowdy on more petite ladies.   Not sure how well this length will go over. Have you tried one on? 
The tag sale at Anthropologie was a big fat disappointment to me.  No extra percentage off, and the prices weren't that great.  Did anyone go?  Find anything good? 
These pumps killed my feet all day.  Like I literally wanted to give up and just start going barefoot at work.  Luckily for everyone involved I just grinned in pain all day.  But really...don't uncomfortable shoes just make you grumpy?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Blues

Schoolboy blazer in morse code:  J.Crew, online only, sold out but check for popbacks
Wool cafe capris:  J.Crew, very limited sizes here
Linen blouse, Banana Republic, similar here
Oscar pumps in nude:  Jessica Simpson, buy here
Headband:  J.Crew, old
Good Monday!  I'm not really blue, just wearing shades of blue this Monday! I needed to be corporate-y today but went with separates rather than a suit.  I LOVE this blazer and I'm so happy I got it for a steal on popback a while back.  The material is sturdy and thick and the fit is excellent.  I know a lot of ladies were less than thrilled that these cafe capris aren't lined, but honestly I don't mind.  It makes them more appropriate for several seasons.  What I do mind is how they seem to stretch during the day, so by the end I am yanking them up and dealing with the dreaded diaper-bottom look. My blue ones seem to be the worst culprits too, as my bright dahlia and my red ones don't seem as bad.  I'd rather them be a bit loose though, as I think if these unlined pants are too tight you would see every lump and bump.  Eek.
In case you didn't know, Anthropologie will be starting its rare tag sale tomorrow.  If you're not familiar with the Anthro tag sale, get up to date with Roxy's information here.  I have found some fabulous deals at this tag sale in years past!
I love the headband and ponytail look for lazy hair days.  Have a great week and thanks for visiting!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Casual date night

Melosa halter top by Odille:  Anthropologie, Fall 2011
Kelly Bootcut Jeans:  Citizens of Humanity, buy here
Red wedges:  Me Too, DSW buy in black here
Earrings: Banana Republic, buy here
Handbag:  Gucci, gift from husband
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!  Being a mom is the hardest, most emotional, rewarding job on the planet.  I hope everyone had a great day with your families!
Saturday night my husband and I went to our favorite sushi restaurant for dinner and then met friends out for drinks.  We had a wonderful time and stayed out way too late.  Sometimes it's worth it though, to spend quality time with friends who mean the world to you.  Our Mother's Day today was a washout in Cincinnati- it did not stop raining the entire day, so the art show we were supposed to go to with my dad was cancelled.  I went to the gym and also went running outside (in the rain, with the 2 year old in the jogging stroller saying "wet! wet!" the entire time) and spent the rest of the day inside in my sweats!  No matter though- I spent the day with my boys and that's what counts.  But no cute OOTD to show you from Mother's Day. 
I'm still on the fence about this halter top.  I felt rather "exposed" in it, and it is pretty low cut.  I kind of fidgeted all night long, which I hate.  I think it perhaps was meant for someone with a smaller chest.  I'm considering selling it...size 6 if anyone is interested and this is the only time I've ever worn it. 
Between the fashion show on Thursday night, a party Friday night, and a night out with friends last night, I am thoroughly WORN out!  I need a weekend to recover from our weekend. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Palma dress

Palma dress, Sariah by Sariah Carson, Anthropologie, Winter 2012
Shoes:  Max Studio, DSW
Handbag:  Gucci, similar here
Earrings: Banana Republic, buy here
As I had mentioned, my sons go to a Catholic school in Cincinnati.  It's a wonderful school that really gets families involved.  It's also a school where the parents love to have fun.  There are always events and parties to attend, fundraisers for the PTO and the school.  One event held every year is the fashion show.  This event is obviously geared towards the moms, and it's a really fun evening.  Local boutiques are featured in the show, and instead of hiring real models, some of the moms do the modeling.  I have had the honor now for two years to be one of the models.  Most of the women say "oh I could NEVER do that, I'd be too nervous!"  I totally get it.  But I find it fun!  I did do a bit of modeling in my college years so perhaps that is why I don't find it scary.  Anyway, I had all these plans to take a lot of pictures at the event, but then it got started and I was just too busy.  But I wore the Palma dress for the occassion, and it was perfect.  I obsessed over this dress all winter, hoping for a sale.  It finally did get marked down at the end of March, and I was able to get it for an even better price because I had my birthday discount on top of the sale price.  I think the colors and pattern on this dress are stunning!  The only caveat is, I can't dress myself in it because of the tiny buttons down the back.  So one of the other models had to help me, then I had to pull my poor husband out of bed late at night to unbutton it for me when I got home from the event.  He wasn't amused. 
To see other bloggers who share my love for the Palma dress, check out Pamela, Roxy, and Molly.
My husband bought me this handbag two years ago as my "push present" after I had our third son.  I think he felt really sorry for me because our son decided to make his arrival so quick there was no time for me to have an epidural or any painkillers at all.  So I faced my worst fear AND got a new Gucci, all in one fell swoop.  Oh, and a new baby.  Can't forget him, as he is one of the greatest loves of my life.
Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Wear your prettiest dress

Ava dress:  Lilly Pulitzer, not available but click here if you want a closer look
Pink pumps:  Seychelles, similar here
This morning I had to get up nice and early to attend a special mass with my 1st grade son at his Catholic school.  To celebrate an early Mother's Day, all the 1st grade moms were invited to attend the mass with our children and then to breakfast in their classroom.  My son said "wear your prettiest dress."  Swoon for him.  I happily obliged. This Lilly dress was actually part of the Fall 2011 line, but I think it looks quite springy, don't you?  I wore it all day to work and received many kind compliments.

For our Mother's Day gifts, the 1st graders painted flower pots to look like fave color combo, pink and green!  It was a perfect morning, and I don't think any of us made it through the celebration without getting a little teary.  The kids had to write a sentence starting with:  "If I gave my mom one gift...." and my son wrote "If I had to give my mom one gift, I would give her lots of love, because she loves me and I love her."  Cue tears now. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

Hello!  I'm bringing you another round of Anthropologie fitting room reviews, as last week's were so well received and I had so much fun!  As you know I am trying to cut back on my shopping.  Rather than making me want to buy more, it seems like trying all these clothes on in Anthropologie kind of satisfies the "urge" to least for now!  Hope you enjoy! 
Diamond Kite Dress
Meadow Rue
$168 here
How sweet is this little cotton dress?  It has an attached polyester slip, which I wasn't crazy about but at least it made it not sheer.  The dress is a no-zip pull on style.  It felt comfy, soft and light, and of course I loved the lavendar color.  This is a size 6 and I probably could have sized down to a 4. Bonus that you can wear a regular bra with this sundress!
Marbled Waters Shift
$158 here
The colors of this dress remind me of a Lilly Pulitzer pattern so of course I was drawn to it.  The fit and cut on this shift are beautiful, and there are lovely covered buttons from the neck to the waist in the back.  I could totally see myself wearing this to work in the summer.  Some reviews online complained about the slight sheen of the material, but this did not bother me at all, as it is a silk-cotton blend.  This is a size 6 and TTS.  I could not have sized down to a 4, so if you are between sizes, go with your larger size.  Wishlisted!
Sun-stitched shirt
HD in Paris
$98 here
Jeans: AG Stevie Straight in Ivory
$164 here
This pullover top didn't do much for me, but I don't do well with gray/neutral colors close to my face.  Totally washes me out.  It's a little boho for my taste, but a cute summer top with great embroidery if that's your style. This is a size 4, whish is my typical blouse size at Anthropologie.  Fit was fine, but it's a pass for me. 
The jeans, however, make my preppy heart go pitter patter, as I love nothing more than crisp white jeans for summer.  These are size 28 and they fit like a glove.  Love them!  I have several pairs of AG jeans and highly recommend them.  They might be too long for more petite ladies, as you can see they were a decent length on me at 5'10".
Pierced Mint Blouse
Meadow Rue
$128 here
This top is a lovely shade of mint but that's where the honeymoon ends for me.  It's too sheer, a bit shapeless, and the sleeves fit awkwardly.  Plus I think the price point is ridiculous for this top.  I'm wearing a size 4 here.  Pass for me.

Early Daffodils Top
HD in Paris
$88 here
I must be completely brainwashed by Anthro's prices because I don't think $88 is over the top for such a cute cotton blouse.  When I picked this up I thought for sure it would be too hippy-dippy-trippy for me, but then I tried it on with the white AG's and fell in love.  This is a size 4 and TTS, as the reviews mention online it runs a tad small in the arms.  The picture online does not do this top justice, it is much more vibrant IRL. Love!  Wishlisted for sure.  And now, on to some sale room finds:
Broken Levels Skirt
Plenty by Tracy Reese
Marked down to $69.95 here
I literally wanted to walk out of the store in this outfit, I loved it so much.  This top is a cute embroidered white blouse by Moulinette Soeurs but I can't find it online, it must be sold out.  It is marked to $49.95.  I am wearing a size 6 in the skirt, as Tracy Reese always tends to run on the small side.  The top is a size 4.  I loved everything about this outfit, except for the fact that the skirt is made of rayon and polyester.  Boo!  I would consider it on second markdown though, because it fit me well and is very unique.  Apparently not many people share my warm feelings for this skirt, as there were several hanging in the sales room and most sizes are still listed online.  Here's hoping for a second markdown!  And last: 
Ribboned Rocket Cardigan
Field Flower by Wendy Reed
Marked to 69.95 here
Maeve skirt, sold out online
On second markdown to $39.95
Ok Anthro, time to put this cardigan on second markdown.  Several have been hanging unloved in the sales room for months now, and there are still some sizes online.  I would probably nab it on second markdown, because I love the green and blue in the pattern, but like many cardigans, it is a bit short for tall girls like me.  I sized up to a medium for extra length, and I liked the fit just fine. I'm not sure what this skirt is called, as it is sold out online.  It's on second markdown to $39.95 though, so if you see any in your local sales room give it a try.  I'm wearing a size 4 with plenty of room in the waist- I probably could have sized down to a 2.  It's a bit short for me so it was a pass, but it's cute.

Those are all the reviews I have for this week!  I think next week I will be doing reviews for my other great love, J.Crew!  Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Midweek Middy

Zigzag lace shell in light heliconia:  Banana Republic, buy here
Floral middy skirt by Edme & Esyllte:  Anthropologie, summer 2011
Burgundy pumps:  Seychelles
Necklace:  Anthropologie
Back when I was her precious little girl, (oh, stop laughing you) my mother tells me I had two wardrobe demands:  Absolutely no pants allowed, and all my skirts and dresses were required to have pockets.  Some things haven't changed in 30+ years.  I still prefer skirts and dresses over pants, and I still adore pockets.  For the life of me I couldn't find the name of this middy skirt anywhere online.  I was happy to pull it out to wear it today, as I bought it last summer and when I found it hanging in my closet today it still had the tags on it.  Horray for year-old new clothes!

I have so many exciting posts planned for the rest of the week.  More Anthropologie fitting room reviews, a fashion show that I am lucky enough to participate in, and date night attire is all coming up!  Please keep reading!  Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gray Day

Silk pintuck blouse in charcoal:  J.Crew, buy in limited sizes here
Inked Flora Skirt by Moulinette Soeurs:  Anthropologie, buy yellow version (for a steal!) here
Oscar pumps in nude:  Jessica Simpson, buy here
Necklace:  J.Crew, buy similar here
Another day, another ponytail.  I'm usually not this hair challenged, but folks, it's been a long week and it's only Tuesday.  My morning was like the scene out of a sitcom this morning.  My husband had to leave early, so imagine me running around the house, trying to get myself and the 2 year old ready, while participating in an important conference call.  Then imagine the 2 year old screaming in the background and having diarrhea not once, but twice.  GOOD times folks. At least my husband is sweet enough to tell me he loves when I wear my hair "up." 
So this outfit is pretty toned down for color-addicted moi, but I liked it.  The muted grays felt chic and sophisticated.  It was a gray cloudy day so I matched the weather.  And the wind MAY or may not have blown my full skirt up a few times.  Yes, I do have a lot of wardrobe malfunctions.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Parfait girl

Field Game Cardigan by Charlotte:  Anthropologie, Spring 2010
Rosette top:  Lilly Pulitzer, similar here
Skirt with ruffle bow:  Banana Republic, Fall 2011
Slingback peeptoes:  Anne Klein, similar here
Oh Monday, you heartless beast.  You come knocking at my door way too soon, preventing me from doing my hair even when I have the best intentions.  Why must you be so cruel?  Thank goodness I planned my outfit Sunday evening, so at least getting dressed this morning was a no brainer.

Although I have been far from perfect while on my "shopping ban," I do feel like it has helped me pull items from my closet that haven't seen the light of day in a while.  Remember when this cardigan came out, everyone had to have it?  I had it in the red stripe as well, but sold that version over on the trade market at a year ago.  This gray version has sat lonely in my closet for probably a year. I'm glad I pulled it out today! 

Someone told me today that she calls me the "parfait girl" because I'm always dressed in bright colors.  Loved that!  Color-shy I am not.  I always just feel more cheerful in brights.

Hope you had a great Monday!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Casual Sunday picnic

Hillview halter top in nectar: Lilly Pulitzer, find it in size 2, new with tags, on ebay here!
Shorts:  Banana Republic, similar here
Sandals:  Jack Rogers Navajo in pink, similar here
Handbag:  Coach, old

Whoa! Between Kentucky Oaks, a Cinco de Mayo party, and today's party for the kids I am wiped out!  But it's been such a fun weekend I can't complain!  Unfortunately I forgot to snap a picture of my Cinco de Mayo dress...but I did want to show you a very casual outfit I wore today to a picnic in the park for my sons and their friends!  I rarely wear shorts, I don't find them to be all that flattering on me.  But I knew I'd be chasing after my two year old and helping the older boys with activities, and it was 80 degrees here in Cincinnati so I made an exception.  I love the Lilly Pulitzer hillview halter and wish they would bring it back!  I have several of them in different colors from 2-3 years ago.  I love how they fit and the embroidered lace detailing.  They're not in stock this season, but I did find several on ebay.  I love that they're feminine and unique but still casual enough to wear anywhere!
One of my favorite summer rituals is purchasing a new pair of Jack Rogers navajos.  If you haven't tried them yet...get some!  Wear them with shorts, dresses, skirts...they go with everything and last forever.  These are from 2 summers ago, my new pair for this year is turquoise with gold trim and I haven't broken them out just yet!  Many times Piperlime or will run a 20% off promo...definitely try to use a promo as it will save you around $20. 
Hope your weekend was fun as well! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kentucky Oaks/Derby Day fashion

Happy Derby Day!  Who are you rooting for?  There was a lot of talk about Bodemeister yesterday, we'll see if he pulls out a win!  We attended the Kentucky Oaks yesterday, where a female jockey, Rosie Napravnik, was the first female jockey to ever win that race!  Her horse is Believe You Can, a perfect name for their victorious race, isn't it?  Ah, the fashion during Derby weekend at Churchill Downs is really something that cannot be explained, it must be experienced!  One dress more colorful than the next, one hat more fabulous than the other.  It is really a sight to see!  We had the time of our lives! Here is a picture of me and my best friend from college!
On me:  Dress:  Lilly Pulitzer, similar here
Wedges: Audrey Brook, DSW- buy here
Handbag:  Coach, old. similar  here
Hat:  Vendor at Keeneland Racetrack in Lexington, KY
On Amy:  Dress: Rauol, Saks.  No navy buy buy white here
Shoes:  Joan & David Olina pump, Nordstrom, buy here
Hat: Dillards, similar here
We had such an amazing day!  I'll leave you with a few other pictures of our trip.  I saw so many Lilly Pulitzer dresses, and lots of other gorgeous spring dresses too.  The hats were all to die for!  If you ever have the chance to visit Churchill Downs for the Oaks or Derby, take it!  It definitely should be on everyone's bucket list!
A mint julip is a must at Kentucky Oaks/Derby!

Our group!

My handsome husband
The actual Oaks race.  Go Rosie and Believe You Can!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Derby weekend and photos from years past!

Hello there!  No outfit post today, it was a crazy busy day that felt way too long, and I didn't even have time to snap a picture!  Tomorrow my husband and I will be headed to Louisville, Kentucky with two other couples to attend the Kentucky Oaks.  No matter what part of the country you live in, you most likely are familiar with the Kentucky Derby,  the most exciting two minutes in sports!  But unless you live in or around Kentucky, you probably have not heard of the Kentucky Oaks. Cincinnati borders Kentucky, and my husband and I lived in Lexington, Kentucky for 7 years. We definitely have a place in our hearts for this beautiful commonwealth.  Anyway, the Kentucky Oaks is the day of horse racing at Churchill Downs that preceeds Derby Day.  Many Kentuckians actually prefer attending Oaks because it's less touristy than the Derby.  I have attended both in years past, and I can say that BOTH days are fanstastic and fun, and fabulous people watching!  Celebrities, gorgeous hats, and colorful dresses everywhere...and oh yeah, horses too! I am SO excited to go tomorrow, spend the day with our dear friends, and celebrate Kentucky heritage.  I will be wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress, yellow hat and yellow wedges, and I will be sure to take MANY pictures and post them here!  Lilly fits right at home at the Kentucky Derby and Oaks, it's such a perfect selection for the day!  I think I have worn Lilly nearly every year that we've attended, which has been many! I can't wait to share our day with you, and until then here are a few pictures from Derbys past!  Memories are so wonderful!  Hope everyone had a great week!

Kentucky Derby 2010
Lily Pulitzer dress

Kentucky Derby 2009- Lilly Pulitzer dress

Kentucky Derby- Lilly Pulitzer dress
Kentucky Derby 2007- J.Crew dress

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Anthro fitting room reviews

Good afternoon!  I'm excited to bring you my first fitting room reviews from one of my favorite places on earth...Anthropologie!  I tried on a few newer items and many sale items, as I don't know about you, but I shop nearly exclusively sale items at Anthropologie!  I'm happy to finally do this, as I so appreciate other blogs' fitting room really helps when you are considering ordering an item for yourself.  So here we go!
Basque Floral Dress by Hi There From Karen Walker
Online Exclusive
100% Polyester
See here
This dress was obviously a return to my local Anthropologie as it says on Anthro's website it is an online exclusive.  This was a size 4, and the right size for me.  I thought the fit and cut of this dress were adorable and flattering and definitely appropriate for work.  The big "but" for me's polyester!  And $140!  That to me is unacceptable.  This would have been a lovely dress in a cotton or silk blend.  But poly?  And to me it definitely felt like poly.  It has gotten rave reviews online so maybe I'm alone in my indignance over polyester.  Anyway, it fit TTS and besides the poly factor was a cute summer dress.

Flame Kissed Skirt by Vanessa Virginia
Cotton, cotton lining
See here

This skirt is well made out of a nice, thick material, but for me at 5'10", too short for work.  I'm wearing a size 6 so I'd say it's TTS.  A great summer skirt,  even though I'm typically not into a "flame" motif!

Sunblaze Lace Skirt Yoana Baraschi
Size 6
See here
Farren Blouse by LeifNotes
Size 6
Second markdown to $39.95
See here
This skirt was in Anthro's May catalogue and while I usually adore items by Baraschi I am not loving this skirt.  It was NEON orange and it felt very flimsy.  I definitely don't think it is worth the current price!  I am sure many ladies will love this skirt but it's just not for me.  It does fit TTS.  I'm wearing a 6 here and it was slightly loose.
I was surprised at how much I did like the Farren blouse.  This is a size 6 and too big for me, but there wasn't a 4 to try on.  I loved the color and the beading, but didn't love the totally open back which would require a cami.  The material seemed very delicate too, so be careful.  But at $40 it's a steal!  I did like this top!
Peppered Plena Dress by Meadow Rue
80% linen, 20% silk
On sale for $99.99
See here
I was surprised by how much I loved this dress.  It's very 1960's cocktail party.  The material was lovely, and the cut was flattering.  I'm wearing a size 4 here and I still have extra room, so definitely size down.  Wishlisted for me.

Field Biology Maxi by LiefNotes
On sale for $99.99
See here
 Ever since my local Anthro featured this dress in the spring fashion show, I have been oddly drawn to it. I know it is totally Little House on the Prarie, but I love it!  I especially love the bottom, how it's longer in the back.  This is a size 6 and I was swimming in it, but there was no 4 to try and I doubt my chest would have fit in the 2.  I LOVE this dress, even though it is totally not my usual style.  The lace embroidery is beautiful, and the cut is very flattering!

Yonina Mini Dress by Dream Daily by Rozae Nichols
On second markdown for $39.95
See here
I'm smiling here because I'm pleasantly surprised by how cute this little dress is.  YES I am totally contradicitng myself as this is polyester as well, but at $40, it's a great little washable, wear anywhere summer dress.  It is a mini dress but I didn't feel it was scandalous on my tall frame, so most girls should be just fine.  Grab it, it's a bargain and adorable!  I'm wearing a size small with plenty of room. 
And last but not least, I will leave you with my OOTD:
Aven Bloom silk dress by Moulinette Soeurs: Anthropologie, Fall 2011
Belt: Anthropologie
Necklace:  Anthropologie
Blush shoes: Tahari

Obviously this dress is too bare by itself for work so I had a lilac cardigan on over it all day, but it looks so lovely without the cardigan that I had to show you.  I bought this dress on second markdown for a steal before Christmas, then never got to wear it as it's more of a warm weather dress.  I was thrilled to pull it out today!  The pretty floral blooms all over it made me feel so springy.  Don't you love when you buy something off season and forget about it?  It's so exciting when you finally get to wear it!

Hope you enjoyed my Anthro reviews!