Monday, April 30, 2012

Business attire

Lightweight wool blazer in grey stripe:  Banana Republic, check stores
Lightweight wool Martin pants in grey stripe:  Banana Republic, buy here
Silk embroidered tank: J.Crew, 2010
Cap toe heels: Tahari

Without the jacket.  Pearl necklace: Mother's Day gift
Black bow belt: The Gap, similar here
Good Monday!  I apologize if this outfit is less than thrilling!  Often times my corporate job requires me to wear a suit.  Today was one of those days.  I really don't mind too much, especially on a Monday when my creativity is at a low!  Looking at the first picture though, the sleeves look huge on my arms!  Whoa!  Might need to tailor that jacket.  For suits my top choice is Banana Republic.  Their lightweight wool collection is 3 season, and the pants come in size Long which is good for a tall girl like me.  Plus with the specials Banana Republic runs, they are much more reasonable than J.Crew suits. 
Crazy Cincinnati weather, it felt like winter on Saturday, and now on Monday it was in the mid 80's!  So I spent most of the day without the jacket off! 
So my question to you is, how do you jazz up a suit?  Looking at my pictures, there's nothing wrong but I feel rather boring. And I'm definitely not loving the black belt with this pastel top.  It's amazing how much blogging has helped me see my clothing in a new light, and realize where improvements could be made!  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Parties, Part 2

Charlie & Robin Eunice cashmere cardigan:  Anthropologie, winter 2012
Maeve silk polka dot top:  Anthropologie, fall 2011
AG Stevie skinny jeans:  Anthropologie, similar here
Red patent leather bow wedges:  Me Too,  DSW, buy black or tan here
Necklace:  White House/Black Market, gift from mom

Minus the cardigan

So yeah...I told you we had a lot of little birthday parties to attend.  Today's happened to be our 7 year old son's birthday celebration with his class.  My husband, my mom and I  took 14 boys and 3 girls to one of those places where kids can wear themselves out by running around like maniacs, playing on giant playsets, trampolines, and bouncy houses.  Good times!  So here's another weekend mom-uniform look for me.  I loved how it turned out!  I must tell you, I maybe saw ONE other mom in the entire place who made any effort, who didn't look beat down by life.  Lots of sweat pants and gym shoes going on there, and I'm not talking about the kids.  Stacy and Clinton would have had a field day here.   I'm trying not to judge.  Lord knows it's hard to pull it together some days, but ladies, don't you think that when you look better, you feel better?
Back in the olden days, (that means before I started looking at fashion blogs) I never would have thought to pair lilac and red together, or try any non-traditional color combinations for that matter.  Looking at other brave ladies' blogs has taught me there is a whole new world of color combinations and pattern mixing.  I think this cardigan paired wonderfully with the top...who would have known?
If you want to be inspired by lovely real women in real outfits, head over to one of my favorite blogs, by Roxy and check out this week's Anthro reader outfits.  It's one of my favorite features.  Who knows?  You may even see moi!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Birthday party fashion

Lexington Blazer in Bright Yellow: J.Crew, old
Floral silk top by Porridge: Anthropologie Fall 2011
Skinny Jeans: Banana Republic
Red patent leather bow wedges:  Me Too, DSW- no red, but buy in black or tan here
Turquoise necklace and earrings:  Ann Taylor, old
Without the jacket
Ok so here's the deal:  With three little guys ranging in age from 7 to 2, we go to A LOT of birthday parties.  And while we may be hangin' with the shorties I don't want to look like the frumpy mom who's thrown in the towel.  (Don't you always feel bad for that mom?)  So I always make an effort when we go to these celebrations.  And as most of my friends will tell you, even if I am chasing my boys around a bouncey castle, I probably will be wearing heels of some sort.  Not to say I don't love some flats...I just prefer heels.  My "uniform" for these parties goes something like this:  pretty top, jeans, wedges, and some sort of topper, either a cardigan or blazer.  This way, I always feel pulled together yet still comfortable.  Rule #1 is no low-cut tops that will have me flashing the world every time I have to bend over to help a kid (which is about 100 times during a party, trust me).  Rule #2 is no short skirts.  I don't want people to say "whose mom is the hooch over there?"  And Rule #3:  Someone better have brought wine.  Oh wait...that's not a fashion rule.  Anyway, that's how I handle kid birthday party fashion.  What about you? 
This J.Crew Lexington blazer is several years old...2008 or 2009...but I still adore it.  The fine wool, the pretty gold buttons with an anchor painted on them...classic J.Crew.  I still get compliments every time I wear it.  If you ever see one on Ebay, (I still see some floating around) grab it!  You won't regret it. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dotty Friday

Pleated Lace Top:  Banana Republic, buy here
Maeve Corded Dots Pencil Skirt, Anthropologie Fall 2011
Miss Albright Bowed Lacerta Mary-Jane Heel:  Anthropologie Fall 2011
Turquoise beaded necklace:  Ann Taylor, old

 Trust mom to tell the truth.  Mine always does.  She took one look at me and said "Why are you wearing that skirt?  It is HUGE on you! Doesn't look good!"  Gee thanks Mom!  But after looking at the pictures...I must admit she's right!  Funny how a picture shows things that the mirror doesn't. I didn't think it looked too bad in the mirror, but in the picture it looks big and baggy.  I think a belt would have helped? Ah well, I was comfy all day and I am a big polka dot fan! Happy Friday!  I think next week I will do my first dressing room reviews! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pretty Pink Cottage

Pink Cottage Blouse: Anthropologie, limited sizes here
No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Wool, neon azalea: J.Crew, wool no longer available but buy cotton version here
Blush patent leather heels:  Tahari, buy similar here
This insanely adorable top is called the Pink Cottage Blouse (don't you love all the cute names of Anthropologie items?) so of course I had the lyrics of John Mellencamp's "Little Pink Houses" in my head all day.  I am head over heels for this top, I felt like I was wearing art work all day.  Here's a picture of the back, where you can see it ruffles down the back and has buttons.  A lot of the reviews said people are wearing it backwards too, which I think is genius.  I may have to try that next time!

I was a little hesitant about buying a skirt with a color named "neon azalea," but after I saw it on Shopping with M I knew I had to have it.  And although neon colors are big right now, I wouldn't necessarily call this neon.  More of a bright, cheerful pink.  I am glad the day was cool enough to wear it one more time, as it is a heavier wool.  Are you into the bright color and neon trends?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mid-week Lilly

Silk jersey wrap dress: Lilly Pulitzer
Turquoise pumps: Seychelles, similar
Necklace:  Anthropologie
A wrap dress truly is a curvy girl's best friend.  It highlights the best and camoflauges the flaws, what more can you ask for?  However, a wrap dress + a windy day = many wardrobe malfunctions.  I was holding my dress together, running for cover every time I stepped out of my car today, and I fear I still managed to flash a few unwitting passersby.  My apologies to those folks, except for that one old guy who appeared to be enjoying himself. 
I adore Lilly dresses, but most of them are not necessarily work-appropriate.  So I am thrilled when I find one that I can wear during the work week.  The colors of this dress are so pretty and the pattern has a fun retro vibe. 
If you have never tried the label Seychelles for shoes, I highly recommend!  They are comfortable and very unique.  You can find the brand at Anthropologie, as well as and other shopping websites.  I have never had a pair I didn't love. 
Pardon my shiny face in this picture...end of the day greasies.  Hey, nobody's perfect.  Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A purple kind of mood

Cashmere cardigan: J.Crew, 2009
Ruffled silk blouse:  J.Crew, 2010
No. 2 pencil skirt in paisley medallion: J.Crew, buy in limited sizes here
Oscar pump in nude patent leather: Jessica Simpson, buy here
I've been in a purple funk this week.  A good funk...I can't get enough of this color!  It's so perfect for spring, and less predictable than pink.  I'm breaking out an old favorite today. Does anyone remember the name of this J.Crew cardigan?  It is similar to the Lombardi cardigan but I cannot remember what it was called.  I love it so much...but I don't wear it much for fear of messing it up!  (As I have been known to spill a thing or two on my clothes...whoops).  I got it on popback around Christmas time a few years ago...don't you love when your size pops back on J.Crew?  It's like the J.Crew gods are smiling down at you.  And I never pass up a smile...or a deal...from the J.Crew gods.  That's just bad karma.
I've come to realize that I have a nude pump obsession.  I own several pairs and I could wear them every day.  They go with everything, they make your legs look longer...what other reasons do I need? Hope everyone's having a fab week!  And now here's a picture of me and my oldest boy....he's 7 today.  Happy birthday sweet boy!
In case you are wondering:
Necklace:  Anthropologie
Draped snails tank:  Anthropologie

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bright pants

Schoolboy blazer in heather gray: J.Crew, similar here
 Wool cafe capri in bright dahlia: J.Crew, buy here
Silk tank with chain detail:  Banana Republic (2010)
Leopard pumps:  Nine West, similar here
Necklace:  Gift from my lovely mother
Ah, dear bright purple pants.  I know they may not be for the weak of heart, or color-phobic, but I love them!  They made me so happy all day.  I mean, how could you not be happy in purple pants?  That would be an insult to Barney the dinosaur.  They perfectly matched my orchid so I had to include that in the picture too!  I am totally digging the colored pants trend.  Just for reference, the capris I am wearing are in J.Crew's long length, and I am 5'10".  I am loving how they hit right above the ankle.
I have J.Crew's schoolboy blazers in four colors and I wish I had more.  They are so perfect for work and can go casual too.  I'm a bit regretful that I didn't snap up the maraschino cherry color during J.Crew's last sale.  Maybe someday it will be on popback in my size...
Speaking of shopping, I received a bit of a wake-up call today in the form of an email from my dear friend who is also a health coach.  She helps people work towards reaching their health and wellness goals.  I had alerted her to the fact that I started this blog as a way to keep tabs on my spending and to hold myself accountable.  Basically she sent me an email to gently remind me that I'm supposed to be on a shopping ban...and I've broken it twice!  Ahhhh!  It was tough to read but I couldn't argue with's true!  While I have cut back significantly, and I am VERY proud to say that I wrote significant checks last week that will cover a large portion of my credit card debt, (about a third of it...yay!  Thanks bonus time!) I still need to remember that I want to STOP SPENDING. At least for now... I said no shopping for 3 months!   She gave me some great reminders, and had some helpful suggestions about how I can accomplish this.  For example, she told me to ask myself two important questions before making any purchase.  1.  Will this purchase really make a positive difference in our lives? And 2. Will I regret this or feel guilty about buying it?   I fail to ask myself those questions many times before an impulse buy.  I think just stopping for a moment to ask those two simple questions will help me greatly.
If you are looking for any guidance into how to accomplish your goals, health, wellness, or life goals, drop her a line!  Her name is Kristin, and here is how you can check out her websites and reach her:
We all need a push in the right direction at times.  I am so far from perfect, but I am trying every day to be a little more cognizant about the money I spend!  If only shopping and fashion wasn't wouldn't be an issue!  Ha.  Have a great week everyone, thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby Duty

Hello!  No outfit photos this weekend, as I am babysitting a 5 month old who belongs to one of my best friends while she goes to an out of town wedding.  My weekend outfits have so far consisted of old sweaters and yoga pants...not very exciting!  We already have 3 boys, I figure, what's one more for a couple days?  Isn't he adorable?  He's a very good little baby too.  Back to regular scheduled programming on Monday.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A snail's pace

Draped Snail Tank: Anthropologie
San Pedro Pencil Skirt: Anthropologie
Nude Peep Toes:  Via Spiga
Gold belt:  The Limited, similar
Funny story about this top.  I loved it for months but I thought $128 was too steep for a silk tank.  Then I grabbed it a couple months ago when it got marked down to $70.  But it sat in its bag with the tags on for weeks.  I just felt a guilty spending even $70 on a little silk tank, so I returned it.  Then I stopped by Anthropologie this week...and found one size 4 hanging in the sales room, marked down again to $40.  And that was the only item I purchase this week.  That is an accomplishment for me, my friends.  I spent $40 on a top I love, and did not charge anything or feel guilty about my purchase.  I adore this top much more at $40.  Pink silk, a whimsical pattern of snails posing as polka dots, and a giant ruffle down the back= right up my alley. 
Assessing my week, I don't think I did too bad.  As some of us have discussed in the comments, a full fledged shopping ban is probably not going to happen for me.  Blame it on my weakness, I just can't go cold turkey.  But one small indulgence a week seems so much more doable to me.  Perhaps it's similar to dieting...go too strict and you feel deprived and binge in the end?  Maybe.  I feel confident I can continue to spend less!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A wrap and a flair

Navy Wrap Around Blouse by Portrait of a Girl: Anthropologie
Navy Flair Skirt:  J.Crew
Taupe belt:  Anthropologie
Taupe bow pumps:  Circa Joan and David
This outfit turned out better than I anticipated.  As you've probably guessed I'm partial to bright colors, so I feared this would be a bit drab.  On the contrary, I quite liked it.  I felt rather Mad Men-esque in my blouse with the fluffy bow at the neck, flaired skirt, and hair twist.  I may not be able to sashay around as well as curvacious Joan Harris but I can try. 
Hey I'm getting better at this blogging!  I added web links tonight!  Sorry that they're not links to these actual items, as they are no longer available.  Baby steps folks...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lovely little blouse

Odille Field of Fancy Blouse: Anthropologie spring 2010
Black tropical wool pants: The Limited Luxe line
Black heels: Jones New York
Necklace:  Anthropologie
I bought this blouse when I was about 8 months pregnant with my son, more than two years ago, because I loved it and was in that desperate mode when I just wanted to buy a pretty top to look forward to after the baby was born.  I bought it in my regular size 6, and thought it would fit right away after I had the baby.  WRONG-O.  Apparently this blouse ran small, and it just did not fit comfortably that summer, nor did it fit great last summer.  My rib cage must have finally decided to go back to its normal size, because now this lovely little wrap blouse is comfortable and a little on the loose side. I'm glad I didn't give up on it. And look, I'm wearing a blouse that's been in my closet for two years, appreciating what I have!  Yay me.  Amazing how the body continues to change for so long after having a baby, isn't it?  Still waiting for my stomach to go back to its former glory...I'll let you know when that happens.  Don't hold your breath.  Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Love at first stripe

Dress:  Banana Republic
Necklace:  Banana Republic, old
Shoes: Tahari
Animal print patent leather belt:  Ann Taylor
Ever run into a dress and know you absolutely HAD to have it?  That's how I felt about this stripey, silky lovely.  The colors, the silk material, and my obsession with stripes made it a must-have!  The major problem I have been having with Banana Republic for the last year or so is the store is starting to do more and more garmets in polyester rather than silk...yet still charging the same prices.  If you're reading this, Banana Republic marketing crew, for shame!  (haha, fat chance I know.)  Blame it on one too many episodes of What Not to Wear...I just greatly prefer natural fibers.  So when I saw this little silk dress, and had one of my Wednesday 40% off coupons in my hot little hand a couple of weeks ago, (Banana knows how to draw me in like that)  I ran and snagged the last size 6 in Cincinnati.  Apparently everyone else in town liked this dress too.  I ended up throwing a coral cardigan over the dress as it was cool outside today.  But that didn't lessen it's stripey goodness for me. 
I enjoy a tiny bit of pattern this little animal print belt with my stripes...but I think a little goes a long way.  How do you feel about pattern mixing?  Thanks for visiting! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

A case of the Mondays

Blouse:  Ann Taylor, old
Skirt:  Marimekko for Anthropologie Full on Floral skirt, summer 2011
Shoes:  Seychelles
Necklace:  Anthropologie

With the whirlwind weekend we had I woke up exhausted this evidenced on my face!  I needed something comfortable but cheerful on this rainy day.  I love the idea of a crisp white blouse...but the reality is that I always feel like it gets wrinkled and dirty in about 5 minutes flat.  Or maybe I'm just a slob... that is entirely possible.
I picked this skirt up at Anthropologie last summer on second markdown...from $198 to $100 to $50.  $198 for a cotton skirt...really Anthro?  Never going to happen.  But $50... I can deal with that price for a fun, work appropriate skirt.  For some reason my husband loved this outfit... I can never predict his reaction!  I actually received quite a few compliments on the skirt today, which was nice for a rainy Monday! 
My shopping halt is going pretty well except for my Anthro indiscretion last Wednesday... This blog has been a great diversion!  I hope you are enjoying it too!  Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Best

Dress:  Lilly Pulitzer
Sandals:  Jack Rogers Navajo in platinum
Today was a special day as our youngest boy was baptized into the Catholic church.  Yes this usually occurs when the child is a newborn.  Whoops...better late than never, and he's still in diapers so he's still a baby, right?  For pretty day dresses, I absolutely love Lilly Pulitzer.  A dear friend of mine got me hooked on Lilly's colorful designs years ago, and I still consider each dress I own very special.  And I'm not exaggerating when I say you simply cannot be unhappy while wearing Lilly...the prints and styles are too fun and colorful!  How darling does my baby boy look in his monogrammed John John and saddles?  LOVE.  I used to want a little girl so as the mom to three handsome boys...I can't even imagine having a girl?  What would I do with her?  Funny how life works out as it should.

So I must confess now.... that I already broke my shopping ban with the Riparian stream top I wore in yesterday's post.  Ah, I feel so guilty!  Now I know that I should no longer even pop into Anthropologie "just to see what's new" because I can't resist...I ESPECIALLY can't resist Anthro's second markdowns, which was what the top was marked too...down to $40 from $128.  A good buy...but I'm trying NOT to buy so....FAIL.  I will do better this week.  I felt SUPER guilty and knew I was letting myself down...honestly that took a lot of the fun away from it!  So hopefully that is a good sign that I want to do better, right? 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jeans and a top, that's all

Riparian Stream Top:  Anthropologie
Jeans:  Joe's Jeans
Wedges:  Banana Republic

Just a quick post tonight before we run out the door!  We're headed to a casual, kid-free (yay) gathering with friends on this rainy night.  Looking at this outfit I think I need a necklace...but I kind of like it unadorned.  What do you think?  This top is sold out online, but there were a bunch at my local Anthropologie in Cincinnati, so you may want to check.  It runs large but I think it's pretty and flattering.  Is it just me, or is vanity sizing getting rather ridiculous? Sorry for the short post, I have much to say but I'll save it for tomorrow!  Hope you're having a great weekend!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Roses for Spring

Winsome dress in floating rose: J.Crew
Nude Oscar heels: Jessica Simpson
Pearl necklace:  Mother's Day gift 

I worried that this dress would seem too winter-ish for April, as it was part of J.Crew's winter line and it is a lightweight wool.  But then I had two different people tell me I looked "springy" so  there you go!  I think the nude shoes helped make it less winter-like. I adore this dress and this print, and having the compulsive personality I do,  I had to have the dress, the flair skirt, and the top in this pattern.  J.Crew does pattern and color so well.  Whenever I wear a snappy little fitted dress like this to work I feel a bit like my favorite TV character, the gorgeous Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) on Private Practice.  She's always prancing around in beautiful fitted dresses and sky-high heels.  Except I'm not a life-saving OB/GYN.  A minor difference, no?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Colorful casual

Fanfare jacket: J.Crew
Silk Darla Cami: J.Crew Factory
Skinny Jeans:  7 For All Mankind
Boots: Coach
Silver link necklace: Tiffany

Instead of going colorful in the corporate world today, I took the day off to take my little guys to see The Lorax and go to the park.  It was a beautiful day and I wanted something casual but still pulled together.   I bought the fanfare jacket on second markdown a month ago and I have already worn it three times... so I think it was a good choice for the spring.  The top is another story...I ordered this cami months ago, probably back in December, and it has sat in my closet with the tags attached until today.  I'm glad I finally pulled it out today!

I thought we were finished with boot season but it was only 29 degrees this morning when we woke up so I thought I'd give my favorite boots one more go.  It warmed up to a nice 62 so the boys had fun at the park and my littlest guy had his 2 year old pictures taken there by a friend.

I asked my mom to take this picture for my blog.  Her response:  "What is a blog and why would anyone care what you're wearing?"  Love the generation gaps.  Thanks for stopping by!  Any tips you may have for me would be greatly appreciated!  A blogger I admire suggested adding closeups of my outfits...I will do that eventually for sure.  Just getting used to the blog first!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Bright and Official"

Double serge wool hacking jacket in bright turquoise:  J.Crew
Black watch plaid pencil skirt: J.Crew
Mint green ruffle top and turquoise necklace:  Banana Republic
Black peep toe heels:  Tahari

I knew today was going to be chillier but I froze in bare legs!  Note to self:  Apply makeup BEFORE I have my husband take pictures.  EEK!  Anyway, on to the outfit:  This is the J.Crew double serge wool hacking jacket in bright turquoise.  It's on sale right now for $129.99 plus an additional 30% off with the code SHOPNOW. Which is sad because that's quite a bit less than what I paid.  Ah I hate when that happens!  Anyway, the jacket is a lovely soft wool, with pretty painted gold buttons and great details like a little inside pocket.  One note on the fit:  It's longer than other J.Crew jackets.  I am 5'10" and it came well past my hips, so if you're on the petite keep that in mind.  One of my clients told me today I looked very "bright and official"  in my jacket.  I guess I'll take that over "dumpy and unprofessional."  Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Tipped Blazer- Banana Republic
Victoria Cami (2009) J.Crew
Wool Cafe Capris in Maraschino Cherry, J.Crew
Cap-toe heels, Tahari
Headband, J.Crew

Ok this should be the last day of blurry pictures because I finally figured out I had my camera on the wrong setting.  See...I'm so not tekky.  I don't know if I can handle this whole blogging thing but I'm having fun trying. Bright pants two days in a row?  I know, I live on the edge.  So I know some fashion gurus ( ie,Tim Gunn) don't approve of capri pants.  But I believe they're referring to the capris that hit between the knee and ankle, and can really shorten the leg.  These pants, which are more ankle-length than capri, hopefully don't fall into that camp because I really love them!  They're all the rage in J.Crew land...and you know the saying...if J.Crew is wrong, I don't want to be right.  Or maybe that's just my saying.  Because I am J.Crew obsessed.
Anyway, next to my first two loves, J.Crew and Anthropologie, Banana Republic is probably my third favorite for professional wear.  I know many fashion bloggers have complained that the quality of Banana Republic items has been going downhill for a few seasons. While I don't disagree with that, I can usually find a few good work wear items there.  I admired this tipped blazer for a while before it went on sale, then when the store had one of its extra 40% off promos running I snagged it for a deal.  See, it's those "deals" that get me in trouble.  So hard to resist.  And don't get me started on my loss of control when I see "extra 40% off.."  Back to the jacket- it's quite similar to a wool J.Crew version from the winter season, but this cotton blend is much better for spring.  I must admit,  felt a bit like a ship-captain in this outfit, as if i should be saluting people all day or shouting "Ahoy!" But my preppy self still loved it.

Day 4 of no shopping.  Really, my focus has been on planning my outfits and this blog.  Maybe this really is a good thing?  I'm using my free computer time to blog rather than stalk my favorite websites.  A step in the right direction, for sure!  Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Wool Flannel Boyfriend Blazer- J.Crew
Dots Within Blouse- Anthropologie
Wool Cafe Capris in Yacht Blue- J.Crew
Nude Patent leather shoes- Tahari, DSW

Please excuse the blurry photo...I really need a new camera!  So I have totally jumped on the bright pants bandwagon, has anyone else?  I am not against colored jeans, but for me, having something that I can wear on a daily professional basis, like these lightweight wool capris, is better than a pair of colored jeans I would just be able to wear on the weekends.  PLUS...I wore colored jeans in the 90's as a teenager.  Isn't there some rule that you are not supposed to wear a trend the second time around if you are old enough to remember the first time?  These cafe capris from J.Crew are so comfortable...I can run around all day in them.  But looking at this picture I feel like they may have stretched out during the day...hmmm hope I didn't have the saggy diaper butt look?!

One thing I have noticed is I don't accessorize a whole lot, which is a shame because I do have some really fun pieces of jewelry.  The main reason is that I am always so rushed in the mornings that I don't have time to think about adding much jewelry.   I think if I do more planning I can really jazz things up. Hopefully that will help when I get bored and have the urge to buy something new!

Day 3 of no shopping!  It really hasn't been much of a challenge yet but I know it's because it's all still new.  That and the fact that Anthropologie has not had a markdown yet!  Speaking of Anthropologie, I love this blouse, wanted it forever before finally buying it when it went on sale.  Then what did I do?  I wore it once, hung it in my closet and forgot about it.  It has hung in my closet, feeling lonely and gathering dust since December.  I was so happy when I pulled it out today!  This is an example of a habit I want to break.

Thanks for visiting, hope you had a good Monday!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Conspicuous Shells Dress- Anthropologie
Miss Albright shoes- Anthropologie
Bow Bridge Helena Bag- Kate Spade
White Flower Ring- Stella and Dot
Happy Easter everyone!  We had a great day with our family.  This weekend has been so busy with our two year old's birthday party and Easter I haven't even thought about shopping.  But I typically don't do my damage on weekends, as that is our family and friend time.  No, my bad habits happen during the work week, when I have a moment here or there to pop into my favorite stores.  So now that the weekend is over and we're headed into Monday, my real challenge begins.  Can I do it?  Can I avoid my usual pitfalls, which include Anthropologie's weekly markdowns on Tuesdays and other tempting sales? If I can get through this entire week with no shopping, I will be happy to be one step closer to my 3 month goal.  Speaking of happy, aren't the colors of this dress just cheerful?  It made me happy all day! Thanks for visiting my fledgling blog!  I know I have a lot of work to do...but I do want to make this blog... and my own personal challenge- a success!  Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Top:  Spindleflower Tank, Anthropologie
Jeans:  AG Stevie Skinny, Anthropologie
Wedges: Lilly Pulitzer
Today we had a birthday party for one of our boys and while the crowd was small, the party was great fun.  I wanted to be cute and casual and so I reached for a new top I grabbed at Anthropologie a couple weeks back during a sale.  I have been eyeing this top for quite some time, but I NEVER buy any items full price at Anthropologie.  Many of the review complained about this top being short, and while it is shorter than many other tops offered at Anthropologie, I did not find it to be unbearable.  And keep in mind that I am close to 5'10"!  This was the first time I wore this top, and I loved it.  I think I will be able to remix this top many ways, for both professional looks under a suit, jacket or cardigan, and for casual events like today.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Introduction to my blog!

Me wearing one of my favorite designers, Lilly Pulitzer
Hello my name is Jeannie and I am a fashion addict. A shopaholic.  A passionate lover of J.Crew, Anthropologie, Lilly Pulitzer, and expensive handbags.  A daily peruser of fashion blogs and websites.  I adore all things preppy and trendy, classic and of-the-moment.  I love it all. While fashion is one of my favorite topics, it is also becoming my albatross.  I’m concerned because I am realizing that it’s all too much…the shopping, the credit card debts, the wish-listing I endlessly do on my favorite websites.  I decided to create this blog as a tool to help me work with the clothing already in my closet.  By posting my outfits each day, I want to learn how to remix my clothing and be creative with what I own.  I will also be sharing my thoughts and feelings about reigning in my passion for shopping!
I’d like to say I am strong enough to do a one year shopping ban, but I know that is probably not feasible. However, I do want to start off by committing to not purchasing anything for the next 3 months.  Over the course of the next year, I want to pay off all my credit card debts, drastically cut back on my clothing spending, and learn to appreciate the beautiful clothes that already grace my closet.  I’m asking you to help keep me on track.  Hold me accountable for my actions, as I possess a great talent in making excuses for purchasing a new item. (A party, a work event, a bonus, a birthday, there's always something!)  The fact of the matter is, there will always be a reason to want a new dress.  But alas, want is certainly not equal to need.  And what I need is to stop spending.  My amazing husband is so kind, and provides so well, but I know I burden him with my spending.  It is unfair and unkind.  I don’t want to be that kind of person.  Selfish.  Self-centered.  I don't want to be ashamed of my actions or my spending anymore. We have three beauitful boys we are raising, and I don't want my spending to affect our family in a negative way. I believe I can still appreciate fashion, and be fashionable, without buying something new every day.  I work in a corporate environment, but I can still be creative with my outfits as long as they are appropriate.   My closet is well stocked.  Will you help me on this journey?