Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Anchors aweigh + tweed

Scoopneck blouse in anchors aweigh:  J.Crew, summer 2012
Purple tweed pencil skirt:  J.Crew, early 2011 I think?
Reptile Colette pumps:  Tahari, here
Necklace:  Anthropologie, fall 2012
I've had this outfit laid out for a while now, (yes people, I am a dork and lay out my outfits for future wearings) and I was kind of just "meh" about it.  But wearing it today, I wondered why I felt that way because I ended up loving it.  I think the necklace really made it come together nicely, and without if, the outfit definitely would have been lacking.  I bought this top way back in the early summer and never got around to wearing it, it just was so hot here all summer and the darker color made me hesitate.  It got a lot of mixed reviews from J.Crew lovers, but I knew right away it was a top for me.  The anchor print and little buttons at the shoulders with anchors on them are darling.  Plus I've kind of been having a love affair with navy lately. 

These Colette pumps have turned out to be my favorite work heel.  I wore the nude patent version to death in the summer, and now this taupe reptile-print leather pair are quickly becoming my go-to fall pumps.  They are extremely comfortable and the heel is the perfect work height.  Trust me, when you're close to Amazonian height like me, you don't want to frighten coworkers and customers by wearing 4+ inch heels in the workplace.  But hey, maybe that's just my conservative view.

Further proof that I am a compulsive J.Crew hoarder:  After carrying the green/blue version non-stop since I purchased it last Thursday, (see this post for the bag) I decided I had to have the pink/orange version too.  (See here).  So I went back to J.Crew, as they had several last week, and they were all gone.  But once again a fabulous sales associate took down my information, hunted it down for me and then called me to say she was having it mailed to me.  (THANKS Samantha!)  The customer service of the sales associates in my local J.Crew cannot be beat.  I can't wait to carry the pink/orange version!  It's such a steal! 

Are you a hoarder?  I know a lot of people are against owning multiples of an item.  I, on the other hand, always have to fight the compulsion to own a item in every color if I love it...and sometimes I lose.

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  1. Yes, I am a hoarder too. If something works you will eventually want another of it, and by then it might be too late. Case in point. THREE bubbles (but all purchased on sale!), two sandwashed silk shirts (despite not even having worn ONE yet), a collection of at least 30 scarves, a few of which are the same scarf in another color, and proud owner of NINE double serge cotton pencil skirts because hey, when it works, BUY UP!

    1. Haha, I'm glad I have the support of a fellow hoarder!

  2. PS -- jealous of that anchor top. Really wish that I grabbed that one a few months back.

  3. I love this outfit! I'm a firm believer in that if you like a particular item, you need to get multiple!

    1. I agree! If one is good, two or three is better, right? :)