Friday, October 26, 2012

Couldn't resissssssssssssst

Tipped hacking jacket in spicy gold:  J.Crew, fall 2011
Tippi sweater in retro jade:  J.Crew, here
No. 2 pencil skirt in snakeskin print:  J.Crew, fall 2012 (check in-store!)
Heel: Mojo Moxy, DSW
I've been dying to write the title of this post all day. Get it?  Sssssssssssssssssss for the sssssnakeskin print skirt!  I know, I know....I'm clever.  I was not a fan of this skirt when it first came out.  Snakeskin?  Please.  Maybe on my shoes, but no so much my skirts.  And the $158 pricetag was ridiculous to me.  But then the power of the J.Crew sale section got me again.  The skirt was marked to $99.99, and to me that was still a "no thanks," even with an addtional 25% off.  But then it got marked to $49.99 and an additional 30% off... and of course at that point I thought I'd try it on.  I liked it so much more than I expected!  I agree, it is really reptilian looking...(Some lovely ladies were a little creeped out by the print) but I like how it's such a neutral print, it works with any color on top.  So if you're looking for a good bargain, see if your local J.Crew still has any on the sale rack!  It's sold out online.

This week has officially kicked my butt and I'm really glad it's Friday.  I'm even happier that we have no plans tonight and I will be in my sweats and slippers very soon.  Tomorrow we have an adult Halloween party so I'll definitely post pictures!  Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Isn't it funny how when an item get marked down, it becomes more appealing?!
    Love that tipped jacket!! :o)

  2. Love it! I have it as well though I have not yet been brave enough to wear it. I felt the same as you, didn't love it for $99 but loved it for under $40.

    Speaking of shopping sales.... I'm almost ashamed to tell you what I bought tonight. I'll give you a hint --- I have way too many already. LOLz

  3. I can't help it that this print creeps me out!! I think I've had too many traumatic experiences with snakes while growing up. Anyhow, it looks great on you with all of those beautiful colors you paired with it!

  4. Oh Gosh, the same happened with me! I read your post as I was telling to someone about this skirt! And yes, the sale price is so appealing that I could not resist as well! I can't wait to receive mine, I will need a lot ideas how to style! Love the way you did it. Have a great and fund weekend!

    1. Thanks! I think it pairs with tons of colors! Thanks for commenting!