Monday, April 29, 2013

Gap's chambray academy blazer

Chambray academy blazer (size 6): Gap, sold out online, check stores
Navy silk ruffle cami: J.Crew, old
No 2 wool pencil skirt in neon azalea (size 6): J.Crew, 2012
Heels: Joan & David
Polka dots and chambray seemed like a good way to chase away the cloudy Monday blues.  If you can still find this blazer grab it!  I bought it online for around $50 and was pleasantly surprised by the great quality.  I usually don't have much luck at Gap...but this blazer is great for work and casual wear.  I love the kelly green sleeve lining too.  Also see it on AppGal here.  The best thing about a chambray blazer is that, just like chambray button-downs, it goes with everything.  I'm looking forward to creating more outfits around it.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

A stripe, a peplum, and a bubble

Striped peplum hem short sleeve sweater (size small): Loft, other colors here
Jeans:  Seven for all Mankind
Flats:  Coach
Bubble necklace & earrings in neon azalea:  J.Crew, 2012

I was going to say something about this being a simple outfit, but then again, with the stripes, the peplum, and the bubble necklace going on...maybe it's not so simple after all.  I wore this for a regular Sunday of errands, grocery shopping, and an outing with the kids.  I bought this peplum sweater at Loft for $20 several weeks ago but never got around to wearing it because it's been so cold.  Now it appears that the white/black striped combo is sold out online, but other colors are still left.  I love this little top and it sure is a steal right now.  The material is very thin and soft and the fit is TTS.  I hope the peplum trend sticks around for a long, long time because it's so flattering and feminine.  Anyway, it's a fun little top that probably won't last for the next 5 years but for $20 or less it's a fun way to get on the peplum trend.

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Now for your dose of weekend boy cuteness here is a picture of my three sons.  They were throwing rocks in the Ohio River on the banks of Newport, Kentucky, right across the river from downtown Cincinnati.  We keep it classy folks!

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

J.Crew's collared eyelet tee + neon violet

Collared eyelet tee (size small): J.Crew, here
Toothpick jeans in garment dyed twill, neon violet (size 29 long): J.Crew, here
Jack Rogers navajo wedges in gold
Denim jacket (size small): Old Navy
Love the weekends!  I wore this for a casual dinner out with friends and kids.  I love the collared eyelet tee so much.  It is so soft and pretty.  My husband, on the other hand, is not a fan.  He saw what I was wearing and asked me if he could put his drink on my top, as in, it looks like a doily or a decorative drink coaster.  He has never liked anything eyelet or too lacy, it always reminds him of a doily.  And don't get me started on how much he hates actual, real life doilies.  My mom, who is firmly planted in the old school, always tries to use doilies on her platters for appetizers and desserts...and my husband will have NONE of it.  It's funny actually. 

I have been dying to wear my neon violet jeans for months now, but spring has just been so slow to arrive.  It's still chilly but I could wait no more.  I sized up to give myself some room but I felt like I was hitching them up all night, so I think I will run them through the dryer.  You can tell in these pictures they are too big... bummer!  Should have stuck with my regular size, 28 long.  Ah well.  At least I could breath all night.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Silk two-pocket blouse by J.Crew Factory + floral

Silk two-pocket blouse in royal violet:  J.Crew Factory, other colors here
Floral skirt by Yoana Baraschi: Anthropologie, 2009
Heels:  Tahari, DSW
Monogram necklace:  The Pink Box (local boutique)
It's been a rough week!  My husband has been out of town, work has been really busy, I had to bake cupcakes for my son's class (every working mom's nightmare, right?) ...I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! 

I have been totally hooked on J.Crew Factory lately.  The quality has vastly improved and I just love everything in there right now!  Plus the prices are so much more affordable than retail.  I bought this silk blouse on clearance at the Factory on a whim and I have already found so much in my closet to go with it.  It was less than $40 and it's identical to the retail version of the Blythe blouse.  Love a good bargain!  The skirt is old but still a favorite.  I really love items that last and look good season after season.

Do you have a monogram necklace?  They're so fun.  I am late on the trend but a local boutique custom orders them for a decent price so I finally bit.  I should have gotten a close-up, I will next time I wear it.  It came in a few days ago and I can't stop wearing it! 

I just proof-read this post and  I apologize for how utterly boring it is!  My brain is mush from this week.  Thanks for reading, and hope you didn't fall asleep! :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Factory Asymmetrical shift dress

Asymmetrical shift dress (size 6): J.Crew Factory, here
Tahari Collette Pump in nude:  DSW, here
Handbag:  Kate Spade (2012)
Cuff and earrings:  Banana Republic, spring 2012
My husband and I have been in a Mad Men craze for a few weeks.  Season 6 started in early April, and in the weeks leading up to the season premiere, we decided to catch up on the previous seasons on Netflix.  So each night when the boys went to bed, we sat in a 1960's stupor watching Don chase the ladies, Betty sulk at home, and Joan charming the men and scaring all the women in the office.  When I came downstairs this morning my husband said "That dress looks like something Joan from Mad Men would wear."  I can see how this dress has a 1960's vibe with the neckline.  The neckline and the cuff also vaguely reminded me of Wonder Woman.  Whatever the character, I love this smooth 100% wool crepe Factory dress.  If you live near a Factory you may want to check it is $89.97 + an additional 40% off in-store, which is much less than what you're pay online.  While I do wish it were longer, I really love the pretty navy color and shape.  The violet color is really pretty too.  I didn't think a necklace looked right with the neckline, so I just went with a cuff and earrings.

This is my third pair of the Tahari Collette pumps in different shades of nude.  I really, really love these shoes.  They are leather, the heel is not too high for work, and they are comfortable.  If you're looking for a pair of nude pumps for spring check these out...I think they are just perfect for a professional look.

Hope your week is going well.  Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 22, 2013

J.Crew's mini-medallion tie-neck dress: "Pretty dress!"

Mini medallion tie-neck dress (size 6): J.Crew, look for popbacks here
Burgundy pumps:  Seychelles
"Pretty dress!"  I must have heard it a dozen times today.  And while I adore this dress too, I couldn't help but contemplate what makes this dress stand apart from my other dresses.  I'm thinking because it's unique with the pleats, tie neck, and sweet demure shape, it drew more attention.  Whatever the reason, it really is a great dress.  I knew it was a winner when I removed it from the shipping box and wanted to put it on right away...that always means an item is an absolute keeper for me.  As far as fit goes, there are buttons in the front from the neck to the waist, and a side zip.  I would say it is TTS.  I can't wait to style it with a cardigan or jacket and belt, but today I just wanted to let it shine on its own.  I haven't seen this dress reviewed by anyone else so I was a little hesitant to order it during the last 30% off promo.  The size 6 kept popping back, I'd put it in my cart but then not buy it and it would disappear.  Finally I feared the 6 would stop popping back so I went ahead and bought it last week.  I'm so glad I's a great work dress that I think I can make work for the  weekend too, and it was a decent price with the promo.

I don't know why I love a medallion print so much, but it gets me everytime.  It's like polka dots with attitude.  Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A couple of weekend outfits

Hacking jacket in sheer mint (size 6) : J.Crew, fall 2012
Riparian stream silk top by HD in Paris (size 4) : Anthropologie, spring 2012
Jeans (size 28): True Religion
Mint heels:  Calvin Klein (DSW)
Necklace: Anthropologie, 2012
Oh weekends.  Why are you so fleeting?  Sunday afternoon already?  We've enjoyed a sunshiney, happy weekend with our friends and family.  I wore this on Saturday night for an adult night out with friends. Do you realize that before the skinny jean obsession there were actually other denim choices out there?  Yeah I had forgotten that too.  I found these old True Religion jeans stuffed back on a shelf in my closet.  They used to be my go-to jeans before I pledged my devotion to skinny jeans and colored denim.  I probably haven't worn these jeans in 2 years and was very relieved to find they still fit and felt great.  I still really love them and won't be neglecting them any longer. 

My love of all things mint is slowly turning into a devotion to the color.  It's just so beautiful, soft and springy.  Are you loving it too?

I'll leave you with an extra OOTD...I'm not sure this is "blog-worthy," whatever that means, but I'm wearing this today just to do errands and go to the park with the kids.  It was a little chilly for sandals but come on... my feet have been trapped in boots long enough! 

Pear sweater (size small): J.Crew, holiday 2012
Toothpink ankle jean in garment-dyed twill in mineral blue (size 28 long):  J.Crew, here
Navajo sandals: Jack Rogers, similar here
Necklace:  Ann Taylor, old
Thanks for reading!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Loft's corded striped blazer + Leigh dress

Leigh dress in black (size 6): J.Crew Factory, sizes pop back here
Corded dobby striped blazer in royal blue (size 6): Loft, here
Black leather pumps:  Nine West
There aren't many wardrobe staples that are more classic than a simple black dress and a strand of pearls.  I'm so happy I picked up this Leigh dress in both blue and black.  I hesitated on the black one because we all know my color addiction.  But it's a staple I will have in my closet for years, so I figured that even if I only wear it a few times a year it's worth the investment.  Especially considering I didn't pay more than $50 for it!  I just love how well the Leigh dress defines the waistline.

To add a little zest to the outfit I topped it with this striped blazer from Loft.  Why did I wait so long to jump on the striped blazer bandwagon?  LOVE it.  The fit is great, TTS, it is fully lined, and the material is very nice.  I paid around $40 for it in-store.  It's a great lower-price option compared to the striped blazers at J.Crew, and I couldn't be happier with it. 

Hope you have a great weekend!  It's chilly here today but the sun is shining so we're off to cheer our little boys as they play in their baseball games. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Silk pin tuck + tweed

Silk pintuck blouse in charcoal (size 6):  J.Crew, 2012
Multi-colored tweed skirt (size 6): Ann Taylor, spring 2013 (buy it in a couple petite sizes here
Gladiator heels:  Ann Taylor, old
Necklace: J.Crew, 2009
If there is one thing I am always short on, it's time.  I'm the queen of multi-tasking and I get really anxious when I feel like I'm wasting the precious commodity that is time.  My hair is the first sacrifice when I'm short on time in the mornings.  Back it goes, some days more haphazardly than I'd like.  Makeup?  I have the "five minute face" down to about 2 minutes.  I'm normally even too impatient to sit through a pedicure.  Who has time for a calf massage in this rush-and-go world?  But yesterday evening I found myself with an hour to kill and a little nail salon in front of me.  Oh, and I just happened to have a new bottle of OPI polish in my purse too that I had purchased while grocery shopping then forgot about.  Perfect timing!.  So despite my impatient tendencies, I forced myself to sit in one of those massage chairs that I find highly uncomfortable (does anyone really like those?) and have my toes tended to.  Which is why I just had to wear open toes today, even though it's still a bit early.  I wanted the world to see my La Paz-itively Hot toes.  It's a great summer bright.  And hey, today my toes looked better than my hair.  Something's always gotta give, you know?

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Navy + Royal Paisley

Flutter sleeve blouse by Odille (size 6): Anthropologie, 2010
No. 2 pencil skirt in royal paisley (size 4):  J.Crew, 2011
Tipped blazer (size 6):  Banana Republic, 2012
Bow pumps: Joan & David
Today was just another manic Monday folks, and it shows on the look on my face, doesn't it?  Work, kids to school, kids to dentist, kids to baseball, dinner, homework... just a lot going on. 

I've had all three components of this outfit for a long time, but never thought to put them together.  Don't you love when that happens?  It's like a sudden new outfit just showing up in my closet for free!

Speaking of new...any luck today on the new 30% off promo at J.Crew?  I didn't see anything online (in my size at least) that I had to have, and my local J.Crew was pretty picked over.  But of course I'll continue to check each morning for popbacks, because really isn't that a big thrill for all of us?  Some of my favorite items in my closet are pieces I bought on popback. 

Hope your week started out right!  Thanks for popping by!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

J.Crew Factory Leigh Dress and another Lilly dress

Leigh dress in deep lagoon (size 6):  J.Crew Factory, tiny size left here
Blazer: Ann Taylor, old!
Pumps:  Vince Camuto
Necklace:  Contest prize from Gigi
Where has the week gone?  Between a birthday party for our now 3 year old (sob, where did my baby go?), a day trip with friends, and work I have been a busy woman!  This was my outfit on Thursday for work.  I really love the Factory Leigh dress!  As you can tell in the first picture, my chest is rather...errrr...highlighted in this dress so a blazer was a must.  If this dress pops back, or if you see it in-store, give it a try. 

On Friday we went to Keeneland  race track in Lexington with a group of people.  My husband and I really enjoy the culture of horse racing and all the beauty and elegance that goes with it.  I didn't get a full OOTD shot, but here's a photo that shows the cute Lilly dress I wore.

Lilly Pulitzer delia dress in lipstick print, size 6
Pink leather pumps: Franco Sarto
And my handsome husband :)
Thanks for visiting, have a great day!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Loft Flower Eyelet dress

Flower eyelet cotton dress (size 6): Loft, here
Patent leather oscar heels:  Jessica Simpson
Necklace:  Contest prize from Gigi
I had an inexplicably terrible hair day today.  You can't really tell in the pictures, but trust me.  It managed to look frizzy and limp, puffy and stringy all at the same time.  Lovely! I'm going to blame it on the wind, which also kept trying to blow my skirt up on this lovely eyelet dress.  I was one breeze away from indecent exposure all day.  But oh, do I love this dress!  Most women try to incorporate more color into their wardrobes.  But being the color-crazed girl I am, I have to force myself to include more neurtrals in my closet!  I usually steer clear of black clothing, it makes me feel drab.  (Other than for work suits...those I do like in black.)  But since this dress has a great nude lining, I didn't have the normal drab feeling that black usually gives me.  I really, really love it and I highly recommend you give Loft another chance if, like me, you gave up on the store years ago because of the polyester invasion there.  It seems like there are many more cotton pieces to choose from, and lots of fun, feminine dresses. 

Spring seems to have forgotten Ohio this year.  Seems we went from freezing cold winter to hot summer in one fell swoop.  I'm not complaining...I'm welcoming the warm weather with pale, open arms.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lilly + Retro Jade

Silk top with sash (size small):  Lilly Pulitzer (2010 I think)
Double serge wool No. 2 pencil skirt in retro jade (size 6): J.Crew, fall 2012
Heels: Joan & David
I don't have many vices in life.  (Well, unless you consider shopping a vice...which I am pretty sure my husband does...).  I don't smoke, I don't drink daily, I don't gorge on unhealthy food too often.  I do, however, have a Starbucks addiction.  It's just a nice 3 PM pick me up.  Once in a blue moon, if I'm really craving something sweet I will go for a mocha or a caramel macchiato.  But most often my order is a tall blonde (their more mild coffee) with room for cream. 

I had to wear another Lilly piece today.  I can't believe I didn't wear this blouse at all last summer.  It's a really fun, whimsical print that reminds me of something you'd see at Anthro.  It paired nicely with the retro jade pencil skirt, which will likely be packed away with my other winter items after today. 

As much as I love chunky costume jewelry and statement pieces, my favorite is still my simple strand of pearls that was a Mother's Day gift from my husband a few years ago.  It always looks right, no matter the outfit.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Wearing Lilly today in remembrance of Lilly Pulitzer

Harlow silk dress in multi x marks the spot:  Lilly Pulitzer (2010 I think)
Coral belt:  J.Crew
Heels: Sam Edelman
Earrings: Stella & Dot
Good Monday afternoon!  Hope your week has started out great!  I had to wear a Lilly dress today in memory of Lilly Pulitzer, who passed away yesterday at the age of 81.  (Read the People magazine article here.)  It's such a cool story of how she started designing dresses.  She was definitely a lady who knew how to have fun in life and with her clothing designs.  One of my dearest friends introduced me to the Lilly Pulitzer label about 8 years ago, and I've been wearing her bright designs with pride and enthusiasm every since.  So if you own any Lilly items, make sure you wear them this week in remembrance of this preppy American icon.

I may have been pushing the spring envelope just a tad bit with this dress today.  I was a bit chilly in it, but I felt very springy.  If I keep believing it is finally spring, maybe the warmer weather will continue.  I could tell everyone else was sick of seeing drab winter clothing as well, as this dress received many warm compliments wherever I went today.  It made me feel good that I wore a Lilly!

Have a great week, thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hello from THE Ohio State University

Mirror Lake, a campus landmark at The Ohio State University

Greetings from THE Ohio State University!  We took the kids to Columbus to see friends and family and visit my husband's and my Alma Mater.  No OOTD post...I wish I'd had time because I like how this outfit turned out...but here's a shot of my boys and me at Mirror Lake on campus.  We had a great time showing them around and visiting our sorority and fraternity houses.  Maybe someday I'll even wear an "Ohio State Mom" sweatshirt myself...only around the house of course... :)

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Red (eyelet), white (tee), and denim

Denim jacket (size small): Old Navy, limited sizes here
White timeless crewneck tee (size small): Banana Republic, here
Exploded eyelet pencil skirt in chili (size 6): J.Crew Factory, here
Intyce boots in cognac:  Steve Madden, here
Azalea necklace in vibrant flame:  J.Crew, summer 2012
Sunglasses:  Banana Republic, not on website but check in-store
The sun is shining, I have the rest of the week off work and we're headed out of town tomorrow for a mini spring break road trip.  I was feeling quite spring-y today so I decided to give my new eyelet skirt a whirl. I love that I can wear it with heels and a blouse for work and also casually like today.  I felt very all-American in my red, white and denim. 

I took the boys to lunch today to Panera.  They love it and will eat their entire meals, but 3 kids + 1 adult = $27.  Really?  For mac and cheese and turkey sandwiches, and at a place where I have to bus my own table?  Am I a cheapskate or does that sound like a royal rip-off?  I've been miffed about it ever since, not to mention still hungry as that place never fills me up.  I know thousands of people love it, but for me Panera = overrated.

Hope you're having a great week! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2 J.Crew Factory Reviews: Nautical Sequin Tank + Exploded Eyelet Pencil Skirt

I have a couple new arrival Factory reviews for you that may be helpful, as the Factory is currently running a "30% off everything" promo.  I ordered both the Nautical Sequin Tank and the Exploded eyelet skirt when they were first released and 30% off plus free shipping.  I was thrilled, as they are replicas of two retail items that I missed out on last summer.  I apologize for the headless horseman photos, but trust me, after running 3.5 miles, spending 25 minutes on the stepmill, and walking home from the gym, I was in no condition for headshots. I don't want to frighten you away.  Here we go:

Factory nautical sequin tank
Size: Small, Color: navy/champagne
Buy here
I remember trying the retail version of this tank on last summer and loving it.  It sold out in my size quickly online, and also in-store by the time it hit sale.  I never could find it, even though the sales associates at my local J.Crew did several searches.  I was SO happy when I saw a Factory version, and even happier when it arrived and I found it to be nearly idential in shape and quality to the retail version.  Here is a better shot of the sequins, which are all sewn on securely and evenly (ignore the running pants, gross):

My only complaint?  If you take a look at the back you will see I will need to go buy a racerback bra to wear with this:

Ahhh well.  I own J.Crew's colorblock sequin tank also, and that could use a racerback bra as well.  No big deal.   Anyway, this is a small and it fit fine, so I would say TTS.

Factory pencil skirt in exploded eyelet
Size: 6, Color: chili
Love this skirt!  It fits very nicely and the wide waistband is so flattering.  I can't wait to wear this with a white blouse or a chambray blouse.  It's a true red and very nice eyelet material.  The 6 is TTS. 

With the promo, free shipping, and a $20 gift card I had, I paid about $50 for each of these items.  A little high for Factory but again these are replicas of two retail items that I was sad to miss last year, so I don't mind the price.  I'm very happy with the quality of the Factory items lately. 

Hope these reviews were helpful.  Do you like any new arrivals at J.Crew Factory?

I will leave you with my OOTD.  Speaking of reviews, I had my annual review today at work.  So I had to look extra suit-y, if you know what I mean.  It went really well.  Have a great evening!

Lightweight wool suit jacket in gray pinstripe, size 6:  Banana Republic, 2012
Lightweight wool Martin fit pants in gray pinstripe, size 6 Long: Banana Republic, 2012
Silk floral blouse: Ann Taylor, 2011
Necklace:  Banana Republic, old
Heels: Banana Republic