Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bubble necklace + Lucille in green

Lucille dress in cotton-silke faille, succulent green, J.Crew, pink and black here
Bubble necklace in kelly green:  J.Crew, here
Bubble earrings in kelly green: J.Crew, here
Exclamation pumps:  Seychelle, here
Hello from the wonderful world of green!  Ha.  I finally saved up for a while, took the plunge, and bought the ubiquitous bubble necklace from J.Crew.  Once it came in kelly green, my favorite color, I knew there was no more holding back.  The price was still tough for me to take, so please tell me this isn't just a passing trend and I will wear it for years to come?  The day after I ordered it, my $25 J.Crew reward card arrived in the mail, so I went ahead and bought the matching earrings.  I figured if I'm going crazy I might as well go all the way to insanity. 

I changed into a plain white T after work to show you a better shot of the actual necklace, for those of you who aren't close to a J.Crew store and want to see the color IRL:

The color is a true kelly green, which to me is the perfect all-season color.  I LOVE the turquoise, pink, and yellow ones, but those scream summer to me, and the red one from last winter seems a bit winter-y.  But kelly green...ahhh you had me at hello.

The earrings are nice, but honestly I think $45 is too high.  Since I had my $25 card that brought them down to only $20 which I thought was reasonable. They seem like nice quality though, and I am sure I will wear them a lot on their own too.

All in all, I am thrilled with my purchases and I am sure you will be seeing a lot of my new necklace and earrings!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. I'm so excited for you that you got your first bubble! It looks great on you, especially with that dress (which I recently scooped up on sale!)

    I commented on your blog recently that I was debating getting a bubble. Well I "gave in" and got one, in turquoise. I blogged about it today, if you have a chance, please check it out:

  2. Aw so pretty! The kelly green really is gorgeous :)


  3. The green is so pretty! And I love the earrings with it. I always feel weird about having a statement necklace and then not having earrings that go with it. I agree though, $45 is a bit much. Can't wait till they go on sale.

  4. The green bubble necklace and Lucille dress look so pretty together. If my purple Lucille dress does not ship I am going to be very disappointed that I didn't grab the green one while I had the chance! I think you'll wear your necklace often, so it's worth it!

  5. You are kelly green'd out, and that is such a flattering color on you! I've not dived into the bubble necklace pool yet, but that bright green color is gorge ...

  6. NICE! Love it. Glad you bought it!

  7. Hi Jeannie! Love the green ensemble! Could you tell me where your white tee is from? I am having a heck of a time finding a plain white t-shirt that isn't see through. I think the one you have on would be perfect!

    1. Hi, the t is from Banana Republic. I find their white t's to be the best in terms of thickness and quality. They are $22.50 but if you have those Wednesday 40% off coupons that brings them down to just $15...totally worth it! Thanks for visiting!

  8. Love the green! and the necklace is gorgeous!! I've been on a green kick too lately.

  9. Love this necklace! I've seen it all over the blog-o-sphere and still haven't gotten sick of it. It's the perfect statement piece. That kelly green color compliments your skin tone and hair really well too!

    come say hi if you'd like:

  10. Love that necklace! Too bad I can't get it here in Europe where I live...

  11. I love these bubble necklaces. Turquoise is my favorite. But the kelly green is nice. I saw one listed on TopHatter for auction this Saturday. Wish me luck!