Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ganzania blouse + No. 2 in neon pink

Ganzania Blouse by Portrait of a Girl:  Anthropologie, here
No. 2 pencil skirt in neon pink:  J.Crew, here
Light blue patent leather peeptoes:  Enzo Angiolini
Bracelet:  Banana Republic
Hmmm, this blouse is much more flattering IRL than it shows in the picture.  Maybe it's the angle I am standing?  I don't know, but I do love this blouse because it's so unique and interesting.  If you're considering it and are between sizes at Anthro, go for your larger size...the shoulders in this blouse are narrow and the armholes small.  This is a size 6.

You may remember I had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction the last time I wore this pink pencil skirt.  I'm happy to report the tailor at J.Crew sewed it back together as good, or even better, than new.  I'll never forget that loud rip as I went to sit in my car though! 

I ran into Target today to buy my boys new socks and boxers for the school year and of course I end up spending $50 on Lord knows what.  How does Target do that to everyone?  It's like a magical spell comes over me when I walk through the doors and suddenly what's in my wallet is play money that can only be spent at Target. Does anyone else experience this phenomenon?  


  1. YES! I totally have that problem at Target. I feel like you were lucky to escape for $50, usually my receipt says something close to $100. It's always on something we sort of needed (storage boxes, shoes for my daughter, big sale on coffee, etc) but I still am always baffled when I'm at the checkout.

  2. That's great that J. Crew fixed your skirt! I definitely can relate when it comes to spending at Target. My weakness is the accessories department!

  3. I always have Target spending problems! I've actually resigned myself to leaving the Red Card at home to limit unplanned trips. Targe still 'gets' me anyway though.

  4. Yes, I love target! We are finally getting one in downtown sf in October!

  5. Love this color combo! Blue and pink is one of my faves.. you look gorgeous :)


  6. HAHAHAHAHA, OMG Target. Target is the devil! I have tips to avoid being sunk budget-wise by Target: (1) Never walk into that store without a list; (2) Go near closing time so you have to be quick about it (or on a lunch break, or some other time-limited period) -- the more you browse, the more you'll buy; (3) Stay away from the aisles where you KNOW you'll be tempted by things YOU REALLY DO NOT NEED (ahem: I have a stationery obsession but really there is a limit to how many pretty notecards one person can truly use in one's life, IS THERE NOT? // LIPSTICKS & nail polishes, eeeeek!). I have a friend who buys herself gift cards @ Target and when she goes there to shop she only takes the gift card -- no other cash or credit -- and that also helps her stay within her intended budget. Hope that's helpful :)