Monday, July 16, 2012

Malino Peasant Blouse + No. 2 pencil skirt

Malino Peasant Blouse by HD In Paris:  Anthropologie, here
No. 2 pencil skirtin neon pink:  J.Crew, here
Necklace:  Anthropologie, 2010
Nude peep toes:  Via Spiga
Good Monday my friends!  I don't know about you but this Monday was NOT kind to me. It all began to go downhill when I forgot to apply mascara in the morning (not good for those of us with skimpy lashes) and escalated from there, culminating in my pencil skirt RIPPING down the back right before lunch!  I almost started to cry.  Thankfully it was right before lunch so I ran home, changed, and ran this skirt to J.Crew, where they agreed to have the tailor fix it.  Trust me, having your pencil skirt rip right down your behind brings a whole new level to having a fat day.  Add on top of that computer problems, a kid at camp, and the normal craziness of working and taking care of kids, and you've got one manic Monday.

I didn't even look twice at this top when I saw it online.  I don't swoon at the term "peasant blouse," it's just not my normal "look."  But when I saw this in person, I loved the colors and knew it would look great with many of my skirts.  Plus it's very lightweight, and even though I wore a cami underneath to prevent sheerness, it kept me pretty cool.

Don't forget to check out J.Crew's sale section.  An addional 40% off makes everything so reasonable and tempting!  Ahhh J.Crew what are you doing to us this summer??!!

Speaking of sales, if you haven't had a chance yet, check out the new addition to my blog.  It is and I will be adding more styles this week.

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  1. Love, love, love that blouse! I immediately went to the website to check it out. Great price but sold out in my size :(. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Maybe your local store could do a search for you? It's a great summer top!

  2. I'm so sorry! I can't believe your skirt ripped--what a nightmare! Your outfit is beautiful though (my favorite colors!), and I hope tomorrow will be better.

    1. Thanks! Yes it was a total wardrobe malfunction! Yikes!

  3. I has the same exact thing happen to a J Crew No. 2 pencil skirt this morning - mortifying!