Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday red

Ribbon Grass dress by Sariah:  Anthropologie, spring 2012
Mid wedges in platinum:  Jack Rogers
Necklace:  The Limited, gift from my mom
Happy holidays to all my friends in the blogosphere!  There are certain shifts that happen as you grow older, which signify that you're the adult now and no longer the child.  One of those shifts, I believe, is being responsible for holiday dinners.  I made Christmas dinner tonight for our family and our in-laws.  Nothing fancy, chicken parmesean with homemade marinara and pasta, but for so many years, it was my mother-in-law who always cooked.  So these rites of passage, when changes occur, always feel significant.  Fortunately the meal went off without a hitch, and I didn't burn down the kitchen in our vacation rental.

It was a casual meal but I still wanted to look festive so I wore a red dress.  My mom surprised me with this new necklace, which I thought was very sweet of her.  All in all, it's been a wonderful Christmas, and I hope your holiday was special as well!