Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2 J.Crew Factory Reviews: Nautical Sequin Tank + Exploded Eyelet Pencil Skirt

I have a couple new arrival Factory reviews for you that may be helpful, as the Factory is currently running a "30% off everything" promo.  I ordered both the Nautical Sequin Tank and the Exploded eyelet skirt when they were first released and 30% off plus free shipping.  I was thrilled, as they are replicas of two retail items that I missed out on last summer.  I apologize for the headless horseman photos, but trust me, after running 3.5 miles, spending 25 minutes on the stepmill, and walking home from the gym, I was in no condition for headshots. I don't want to frighten you away.  Here we go:

Factory nautical sequin tank
Size: Small, Color: navy/champagne
Buy here
I remember trying the retail version of this tank on last summer and loving it.  It sold out in my size quickly online, and also in-store by the time it hit sale.  I never could find it, even though the sales associates at my local J.Crew did several searches.  I was SO happy when I saw a Factory version, and even happier when it arrived and I found it to be nearly idential in shape and quality to the retail version.  Here is a better shot of the sequins, which are all sewn on securely and evenly (ignore the running pants, gross):

My only complaint?  If you take a look at the back you will see I will need to go buy a racerback bra to wear with this:

Ahhh well.  I own J.Crew's colorblock sequin tank also, and that could use a racerback bra as well.  No big deal.   Anyway, this is a small and it fit fine, so I would say TTS.

Factory pencil skirt in exploded eyelet
Size: 6, Color: chili
Love this skirt!  It fits very nicely and the wide waistband is so flattering.  I can't wait to wear this with a white blouse or a chambray blouse.  It's a true red and very nice eyelet material.  The 6 is TTS. 

With the promo, free shipping, and a $20 gift card I had, I paid about $50 for each of these items.  A little high for Factory but again these are replicas of two retail items that I was sad to miss last year, so I don't mind the price.  I'm very happy with the quality of the Factory items lately. 

Hope these reviews were helpful.  Do you like any new arrivals at J.Crew Factory?

I will leave you with my OOTD.  Speaking of reviews, I had my annual review today at work.  So I had to look extra suit-y, if you know what I mean.  It went really well.  Have a great evening!

Lightweight wool suit jacket in gray pinstripe, size 6:  Banana Republic, 2012
Lightweight wool Martin fit pants in gray pinstripe, size 6 Long: Banana Republic, 2012
Silk floral blouse: Ann Taylor, 2011
Necklace:  Banana Republic, old
Heels: Banana Republic


  1. Cute suit!

    I bought the sequin anchor tank too (and the anchor skimmer capris, and the mint and blue factory tippi--charley?) Loved them all. Skirt and tank both look fab on you. I agree the anchor tank was a bit high but didn't want to miss out again (and look what they're going for on ebay... ::faints::). I think we got a bargain!

    1. I will have to see the prices on ebay! I really am happy I didn't wait on this anchor tank...I would have been so sad if it sold out again!

  2. That's a Jeannie skirt. You looked smashing for your review. I hope it went very well!

    1. You know me Gigi, it's totally a me skirt! :) Thanks, the review went well! :)

  3. Oh that sequin top! I might have to get it! And,congrats on the great review!

  4. I am planning a trip to a crewlet this week while on vacation so I may give it a try. I rarely get to shop there since my nearest store I about an hour and a half away. I have the Lilly seahorse sweater too. Looks really cute with navy and white polkadot crop pants. Thanks for all your great reviews.

    1. So fun that you have the Lilly sweater too. I actually just ordered it on sale online. I was kind of sad that it arrived and the size small fits REALLY snug. They're out of medium now so I guess I will keep it... but it drives me crazy how unpredictable Lilly sizing is! But seahorse is my fave ocean critter so I had to have it! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Jeannie, all of this looks just fabulous on you, and congratulations on the great performance review!!! Quick question about the tank's sizing because I missed trying the retail version on and don't live close enough to a Crewlet to make the drive anytime soon. I generally size in JC very similarly to you, but I'm 5 inches shorter than you and the loss is ALL in my torso (I'm all legs). For a short-waister like me do you think this tank would work, or would it just "settle and sit" right on the hips with all kinds of bunching around the middle??? (NOT a good look!) Any advice appreciated, cutie! THANKS!

    1. Hmmm that's a good question! I don't think this tank is super long on me, so I want to say you'd be ok! It is also more of a "slouchy" fit, so I don't think it will bunch up...the bottom isn't very tight. It's a great summer tank, I think you should go for it1