Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Red (eyelet), white (tee), and denim

Denim jacket (size small): Old Navy, limited sizes here
White timeless crewneck tee (size small): Banana Republic, here
Exploded eyelet pencil skirt in chili (size 6): J.Crew Factory, here
Intyce boots in cognac:  Steve Madden, here
Azalea necklace in vibrant flame:  J.Crew, summer 2012
Sunglasses:  Banana Republic, not on website but check in-store
The sun is shining, I have the rest of the week off work and we're headed out of town tomorrow for a mini spring break road trip.  I was feeling quite spring-y today so I decided to give my new eyelet skirt a whirl. I love that I can wear it with heels and a blouse for work and also casually like today.  I felt very all-American in my red, white and denim. 

I took the boys to lunch today to Panera.  They love it and will eat their entire meals, but 3 kids + 1 adult = $27.  Really?  For mac and cheese and turkey sandwiches, and at a place where I have to bus my own table?  Am I a cheapskate or does that sound like a royal rip-off?  I've been miffed about it ever since, not to mention still hungry as that place never fills me up.  I know thousands of people love it, but for me Panera = overrated.

Hope you're having a great week! 


  1. ok - seeing that denim jacket with that skirt is just a perfect combination!

    have fun on your mini trip!

  2. Cute outfit. It will warm up and stay warm eventually and the we'll all complain about the heat. I agree about costs at Panera. Other places I think are pricey Arby's and KFC. KFC used to be cheap when buying takeout for a group and now it is ridiculous.
    Re: the Lilly sizing comment from the previous post. Those who think Jcrew sizing is off should try Lilly and then they'd be happier about the crew's sizing. I've ordered (from the end of season sales because I'm cheap) a knit top and dress in a M because a top I ordered last year in S was almost too small. The mediums are big but hopefully will shrink if I dry in dryer.

    1. I too have started ordering a Medium rather than a small in the knit dresses! They smalls run soooo small! I always buy at the end of season sales too... how else can anyone afford Lilly? :)

  3. i really like your stylishly modest style.

  4. Hope you're having fun! I love this outfit, the skirt is really adorable.

    Totally agree on Panera--I go there often because I am really bad about remembering to pack enough food for both lunch AND dinner on nights I need to stay late for work, it is a relatively healthy option if you know what to order, and it's quick and predictable. I would probably not do it for a family meal option though--for the price, you could go to any number of local mom-and-pop delis or ethnic food places (around our house, anyway) and be happier with your end result.

    1. Thanks so much! Yes...I agree Panera has healthier options than many other places! It really irks me that I have to bus my own table there for some reason!

  5. again perfection on the casual outfit! I got a white eyelet blazer this weekend. Not jcrew, but looks similar!