Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cocktail attire featuring Lilly Pulitzer

Portia dress in cameo white stroke of midnight (size 6): Lilly Pulitzer, here
Oscar pumps in black patent leather:  Jessica Simpson (DSW)
Rose gold leather clutch : Marc Jacobs for Target, holiday 2012
Black wrap:  Nordstrom Rack
Hi there!  How was your weekend?  Last night we had a dressy event, a "gala" which is a fundraising effort for our parish and school.  The attire really run the gamut for the gala, but for the most part women wear cocktail dresses.  I ordered this Lilly dress from Saks Fifth Avenue for a really great price...I think it was marked from $278 to $111.  It was part of Lilly's holiday line, but I started totally overthinking and stressing about wearing it.  First, it's "winter white" with a gold sheen, and I worried that people wouldn't realize it was a winter dress.  Second, it's a lot "skimpier," of a dress than I normally wear.  Low scoop in the front and back and rather short.  And third, it is FREEZING here right now and I agonized over tights or no tights?  My mom, who is totally old school, completely balked when I mentioned wearing black tights.  Tights to her read casual, and I kind of agree.  Also, I really don't like to wear tights other than for work.  So long story short, I totally over-thought the entire outfit and drove myself crazy!  At the last minute I ran to Nordstrom Rack and picked up this inexpensive black wrap as a way to "winter-ize" the dress more, and it made me much more comfortable.  In the end I really enjoyed wearing this cocktail dress, and I hope to wear it again for a dressy event. Here is a close up of the pretty neckline:

I love all the black jewels adorning the scoopneck, making a necklace unnecessary.  I absolutely love Lilly Pulitzer for day dresses and evening dresses! 

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  1. What a great deal! I'm loving the gem detailing :)

  2. Such a pretty dress! And good deal for a nice cocktail dress.

  3. you look gorgeous here! such a great deal on this dress!

  4. Pretty pretty! No one does dresses like Lilly. You look fab!

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