Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review: Kate Spade Gold Coast small Maryanne, my flash sale treat

Gold Coast Small Maryanne in Maraschino
Kate Spade
Other colors here
Hope everyone's weekend is off to a good start!  When I saw Kate Spade was having a flash sale online at the beginning of the week I knew I was in trouble.  I can never resist Kate Spade sales, they are so good!  .  One retail bag that stood out was this Gold Coast small Maryanne.   I've had my eye out for a fun evening bag for a while now, and this seemed like a great choice.  Such a great pop of red for a night out on the town.  The original price was $378....

But I (well actually my mom bought it for me...thanks mom!) paid $139.  I thought that was a great buy, and I am very happy with my purchase.  Here's a close up of the pretty grommets and chain handles:

The leather is so soft and supple, and it's roomy enough to fit all I need without being too big.  We are headed out this evening so I will be sure to get a shot of it with my OOTE.  All in all, another great Kate Spade purchase! 

Did you treat yourself to any good buys during this flash sale? 


  1. Cute! It's impossible to resist a KS surprise sale! I made three purchases in three days: regular sale, secret sale, surprise sale and stocked up on earrings. I got the jewelbar round studs in pink, the show your spots leopard studs, and the freeze frame studs. No one else has as interesting a selection of studs as Kate Spade, and I'm almost always able to catch the ones I want on sale.

  2. Wow, that's a great find! I always love bags with smooshy leather!