Sunday, March 24, 2013

Collection cashmere plaited sweatshirt in stripe

Collection cashmere plaited sweatshirt in stripe (size small): J.Crew, winter 2013
Jeans (size 29): 7 for All Mankind
Willow riding boots in cognac: Banana Republic, fall 2012
Pearly bloom necklace: Banana Republic, here
Wearing this cashmere "sweatshirt" feels like wearing your softest, coziest sweatshirt but looks infinitely more put together.  Add jeans and a fun necklace and you're ready to go for a casual weekend look. It's sold out online, but check in-store, my local J.Crew still has a few left on the sales rack.  I bought mine a few weeks ago during an extra 30% off promo.   I had my $25.00 spring rewards card and money from consigning some clothes, so I paid very little out of pocket for it. I've worn it many times but this is the first time for the blog.  The only downside for me is that it is too casual to wear to work.  But it is nice having a few weekend-only pieces too. I know it will be nice with shorts also for cool summer nights. 

My question is, why does J.Crew like to call cashmere sweaters "sweatshirts" sometimes?  When I think of a sweatshirt, a gigantic hoodie like what you see on the participants on What Not To Wear comes to mind. I don't own a single gigantic hoodie.  (But I must confess that I sometimes steal this hideous one of my husband's when I'm schlepping around the house.)

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. I like it with the necklace!

    RE: the sweatshirt thing, they seem to be doing that often lately. Seems to be code for "casual slouchy sweater". I do own a few ginormous USNA hoodies for schlumping 'round the house but if they make it thru the front door, something has gone wrong with my day.

    1. Haha, those hoodies are good for holing up in the house, I agree!

  2. Love the color of your sweater and those boots are so cute :)

  3. Just seeing this pic. Yes, this cashmere is so soft and cozy. Sweatshirt does *not* make me want to pay fp though. lol

  4. Love the color of this sweatshirt, look so soft and cozy. Overall, it was really nice. Thanks for sharing !