Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Winterizing" a silk dress

Palma dress by Sariah (size 6):  Anthropologie, spring 2012
Black velvet jacket (size 6): Ralph Lauren, old
Black leather intyce boots:  Steve Madden

So often I have grand thoughts about winterizing a dress... ("I can just wear it with tights and boots and a jacket and it will be fine!")... but I never actually follow through with the idea.  It's a similar notion to the whole theory of post-wedding, you will "shorten this bridesmaid dress and wear it again!" Yeah, has anyone ever actually done that??  I don't know why I don't winterize my lightweight dresses.  I guess I just think it can look a little weird wearing a silk dress in the dead of winter.  But today I was so sick of wearing wool from head to toe that I was looking for something different, so I finally did "winterize" my Palma dress.  And guess what?  The whole "tights/boots/jacket" cliche worked out quite nicely.  It's not my normal structured work look, but still along the professional/creative lines that I like to follow.  I liked how the flat boots and dark tights balanced out the shorter-than-I-normally-wear-to-work dress, and I was comfortable all day.  The Palma dress has to be one of my top favorite dresses, ever.  It's comfortable, flattering, and colorful...Anthro please make more dresses like this!

Do you like to winterize your lightweight dresses? 


  1. I usually wear a slip under summer dresses just for some warmth! Or I wear a cami and thermal leggings underneath :)

  2. That's such a beautiful print on you! I have winterized a dress or two, but I don't like to think that hard. Plus I don't like tights, so it doesn't happen often.

    Saw your mint CK shoes in your other post. Nice!!

    1. Thanks Gigi, always nice to have you stop by! I am excited to wear those minty shoes!