Friday, March 15, 2013

A St. Patty's Memo (Dress)

Memo dress in landscape green (size 4 Tall): J.Crew, here
Leopard heels:  Nine West, similar here
Necklace: Gift
St. Patty's Day is always a fun time for our family.  My husband is half Irish, and my mom's due date with me was originally St. Patrick's Day.  I chose to arrive a day late, but she still gave me an Irish middle name, and so we keep the celebration going for two days to celebrate St. Patty's and then my birthday.  Because St. Patty's falls on Sunday this year, I had to wear a green dress today.  Everyone must have received the green message, as I saw plenty of other green attire today!

I first told you of my love for J.Crew Memo dress here.  It fits me great, it has sleeves, and it's a non-suit professional option for work.  So when the dress went way down in price, I knew I had to grab another color.  And since you know my obsession with green, (seriously, are you sick of seeing me in green yet?) of course I chose the landscape green. 

I will admit to one annoyance about my favorite work dress.  The sleeves are just a little tight.  Now I am not the thinnest-armed girl, but I don't have sausage arms either.  I even tried sizing up to a 6 to see if that would help. was big on me everywhere else, but the arms still fit oddly tight!  It's not too noticable, but could uncomfortable enough to be a deal-breaker for some ladies.  Just keep that in mind!  Other than that, I'd say the Memo fits TTS to slightly big, as a 4 is the smaller of my J.Crew sizes.

My legs have been begging to be released from tights-confinement for weeks now.  Winter can't last forever, can it?

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  1. Oh yay! I knew St. Pats would be so great for you since you have so many lovely green clothes to pick from :D It's really too bad about the sleeves! Oh, J. Crew :P Have a fabulous weekend, Jeannie :D