Wednesday, March 20, 2013

J.Crew's Peter Pan merino sweater

Peter Pan merino sweater in ivory/silver stripe (size small): J.Crew, here
Double serge wool No. 2 pencil skirt in vintage berry (size 6): J.Crew, limited colors/sizes here
Pumps:  Vince Camuto
Bubble necklace: J.Crew Factory, spring 2012
Siiiiiiiiiigh.  First day of spring and my legs are still being held hostage in tights as snow flurries swirled around this morning.  But that didn't stop me from at least enjoying some spring colors, anchored by a neutral sweater.  I adored this sweater from the moment it came out, I really love gray and ivory together.  It runs a bit bigger than the Tippi but a size small still fit great.  I think I will really love it paired with all of my colorful pencil skirts.  It's thin but not flimsy...and no itch factor at all. 

Is it springtime in your corner of the world yet?  Can you send some warm temperatures my way please? 

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  1. It's autumn here in Sydney, but our Autumn/Winter is never very cold... usually 15 - 20 degrees C, occasionally it gets down to 8 degrees C, but that's rare!
    I'll send some sun your way - it's 28 degrees today!
    Love the red skirt with the neutrals!

    1. Love that you're reading from Austrailia! My dear friend from college lives there with her little girl and husband.