Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Parties, Part 2

Charlie & Robin Eunice cashmere cardigan:  Anthropologie, winter 2012
Maeve silk polka dot top:  Anthropologie, fall 2011
AG Stevie skinny jeans:  Anthropologie, similar here
Red patent leather bow wedges:  Me Too,  DSW, buy black or tan here
Necklace:  White House/Black Market, gift from mom

Minus the cardigan

So yeah...I told you we had a lot of little birthday parties to attend.  Today's happened to be our 7 year old son's birthday celebration with his class.  My husband, my mom and I  took 14 boys and 3 girls to one of those places where kids can wear themselves out by running around like maniacs, playing on giant playsets, trampolines, and bouncy houses.  Good times!  So here's another weekend mom-uniform look for me.  I loved how it turned out!  I must tell you, I maybe saw ONE other mom in the entire place who made any effort, who didn't look beat down by life.  Lots of sweat pants and gym shoes going on there, and I'm not talking about the kids.  Stacy and Clinton would have had a field day here.   I'm trying not to judge.  Lord knows it's hard to pull it together some days, but ladies, don't you think that when you look better, you feel better?
Back in the olden days, (that means before I started looking at fashion blogs) I never would have thought to pair lilac and red together, or try any non-traditional color combinations for that matter.  Looking at other brave ladies' blogs has taught me there is a whole new world of color combinations and pattern mixing.  I think this cardigan paired wonderfully with the top...who would have known?
If you want to be inspired by lovely real women in real outfits, head over to one of my favorite blogs, by Roxy and check out this week's Anthro reader outfits.  It's one of my favorite features.  Who knows?  You may even see moi!

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