Monday, April 16, 2012

A case of the Mondays

Blouse:  Ann Taylor, old
Skirt:  Marimekko for Anthropologie Full on Floral skirt, summer 2011
Shoes:  Seychelles
Necklace:  Anthropologie

With the whirlwind weekend we had I woke up exhausted this evidenced on my face!  I needed something comfortable but cheerful on this rainy day.  I love the idea of a crisp white blouse...but the reality is that I always feel like it gets wrinkled and dirty in about 5 minutes flat.  Or maybe I'm just a slob... that is entirely possible.
I picked this skirt up at Anthropologie last summer on second markdown...from $198 to $100 to $50.  $198 for a cotton skirt...really Anthro?  Never going to happen.  But $50... I can deal with that price for a fun, work appropriate skirt.  For some reason my husband loved this outfit... I can never predict his reaction!  I actually received quite a few compliments on the skirt today, which was nice for a rainy Monday! 
My shopping halt is going pretty well except for my Anthro indiscretion last Wednesday... This blog has been a great diversion!  I hope you are enjoying it too!  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. This is my favorite so far too Jeannie!!! I love, love a white shirt! It's one of my secret obsessions :) You look so great.

  2. I love this outfit! I love the skirt. I think I want to shop more at Anthropology too. :-) The bright florals are totally in right?
    I feel the same about white shirts too but they are so classic.
    I hope my last comment wasn't offensive. You have done a great job reducing your shopping thus far and should be proud! I admire that you're doing this blog with the hope of reducing spending too.

  3. Oh I love your skirt! So gorgeous. I love versatile clothing items, like this skirt - you can dress it up or dress it down ANYTIME. Good find at a good deal :)
    xoxo Maria


  4. Amy, thank you! I know you were always a white pants lover too, weren't you? :) Margie no way have your comments offended me at all, I find them very helpful! I hope you keep reading and offering me suggestions! Maria, thank you for your kind words! I will check out your blog!