Monday, April 9, 2012

Wool Flannel Boyfriend Blazer- J.Crew
Dots Within Blouse- Anthropologie
Wool Cafe Capris in Yacht Blue- J.Crew
Nude Patent leather shoes- Tahari, DSW

Please excuse the blurry photo...I really need a new camera!  So I have totally jumped on the bright pants bandwagon, has anyone else?  I am not against colored jeans, but for me, having something that I can wear on a daily professional basis, like these lightweight wool capris, is better than a pair of colored jeans I would just be able to wear on the weekends.  PLUS...I wore colored jeans in the 90's as a teenager.  Isn't there some rule that you are not supposed to wear a trend the second time around if you are old enough to remember the first time?  These cafe capris from J.Crew are so comfortable...I can run around all day in them.  But looking at this picture I feel like they may have stretched out during the day...hmmm hope I didn't have the saggy diaper butt look?!

One thing I have noticed is I don't accessorize a whole lot, which is a shame because I do have some really fun pieces of jewelry.  The main reason is that I am always so rushed in the mornings that I don't have time to think about adding much jewelry.   I think if I do more planning I can really jazz things up. Hopefully that will help when I get bored and have the urge to buy something new!

Day 3 of no shopping!  It really hasn't been much of a challenge yet but I know it's because it's all still new.  That and the fact that Anthropologie has not had a markdown yet!  Speaking of Anthropologie, I love this blouse, wanted it forever before finally buying it when it went on sale.  Then what did I do?  I wore it once, hung it in my closet and forgot about it.  It has hung in my closet, feeling lonely and gathering dust since December.  I was so happy when I pulled it out today!  This is an example of a habit I want to break.

Thanks for visiting, hope you had a good Monday!


  1. you look amazing... great style, and i enjoyed browsing. love getting inspirations from other bloggers. you have a new follower, and hoping to stay connected! cheers!


  2. So happy you are following! Thank you for the very nice comment!