Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Best

Dress:  Lilly Pulitzer
Sandals:  Jack Rogers Navajo in platinum
Today was a special day as our youngest boy was baptized into the Catholic church.  Yes this usually occurs when the child is a newborn.  Whoops...better late than never, and he's still in diapers so he's still a baby, right?  For pretty day dresses, I absolutely love Lilly Pulitzer.  A dear friend of mine got me hooked on Lilly's colorful designs years ago, and I still consider each dress I own very special.  And I'm not exaggerating when I say you simply cannot be unhappy while wearing Lilly...the prints and styles are too fun and colorful!  How darling does my baby boy look in his monogrammed John John and saddles?  LOVE.  I used to want a little girl so as the mom to three handsome boys...I can't even imagine having a girl?  What would I do with her?  Funny how life works out as it should.

So I must confess now.... that I already broke my shopping ban with the Riparian stream top I wore in yesterday's post.  Ah, I feel so guilty!  Now I know that I should no longer even pop into Anthropologie "just to see what's new" because I can't resist...I ESPECIALLY can't resist Anthro's second markdowns, which was what the top was marked too...down to $40 from $128.  A good buy...but I'm trying NOT to buy so....FAIL.  I will do better this week.  I felt SUPER guilty and knew I was letting myself down...honestly that took a lot of the fun away from it!  So hopefully that is a good sign that I want to do better, right? 


  1. I love Lilly and you look beautiful! At least the lilly and Jack Rogers a classic. You'll have them for years! Different you know Jackie O had Jack Rogers too?:-)
    At least you admitted to shopping. Maybe going cold turkey isn't realistic? What about just reducing your spending to a very limited amount? Maybe set aside cash in an envelope after every paycheck that is your designated wardrobe fund. Sounds crazy I know but it has worked for some...

  2. No I think that's a great suggestion...reducing my spending probably is more realistic than no shopping at all. But I am proud that I have been much more conscious of spending since starting this blog...(I know, it's only been a little over a week!) I hope I can continue to make more responsible choices. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you continue to visit!

  3. Oh, and yes Lilly and Jack Rogers...they go hand in hand, do they not? LOVE!

  4. Jeannie, this is such a sweet picture of you two and so timeless....on such a special day in Dillon's life :) i'm just sorry I missed it! My brother Marty's daughter (Stella) was baptized yesterday too in Columbus. Anyway, I agree that cutting cold turkey is hard, but I think that in 1 week you reduced your spending is a great start. I think you should continue, but maybe say only one top and one bottom a week (if anything at all)?? Maybe that would help? Anyway, I agree with the comment above and glad you admitted it ;)

    love ya!

  5. Good suggestion Am! You know me all too well...:)