Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lovely little blouse

Odille Field of Fancy Blouse: Anthropologie spring 2010
Black tropical wool pants: The Limited Luxe line
Black heels: Jones New York
Necklace:  Anthropologie
I bought this blouse when I was about 8 months pregnant with my son, more than two years ago, because I loved it and was in that desperate mode when I just wanted to buy a pretty top to look forward to after the baby was born.  I bought it in my regular size 6, and thought it would fit right away after I had the baby.  WRONG-O.  Apparently this blouse ran small, and it just did not fit comfortably that summer, nor did it fit great last summer.  My rib cage must have finally decided to go back to its normal size, because now this lovely little wrap blouse is comfortable and a little on the loose side. I'm glad I didn't give up on it. And look, I'm wearing a blouse that's been in my closet for two years, appreciating what I have!  Yay me.  Amazing how the body continues to change for so long after having a baby, isn't it?  Still waiting for my stomach to go back to its former glory...I'll let you know when that happens.  Don't hold your breath.  Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Love this blouse. I remember when you bought because I ran out and got one too :) Thanks, because it's one of my favs too!