Friday, April 20, 2012

A snail's pace

Draped Snail Tank: Anthropologie
San Pedro Pencil Skirt: Anthropologie
Nude Peep Toes:  Via Spiga
Gold belt:  The Limited, similar
Funny story about this top.  I loved it for months but I thought $128 was too steep for a silk tank.  Then I grabbed it a couple months ago when it got marked down to $70.  But it sat in its bag with the tags on for weeks.  I just felt a guilty spending even $70 on a little silk tank, so I returned it.  Then I stopped by Anthropologie this week...and found one size 4 hanging in the sales room, marked down again to $40.  And that was the only item I purchase this week.  That is an accomplishment for me, my friends.  I spent $40 on a top I love, and did not charge anything or feel guilty about my purchase.  I adore this top much more at $40.  Pink silk, a whimsical pattern of snails posing as polka dots, and a giant ruffle down the back= right up my alley. 
Assessing my week, I don't think I did too bad.  As some of us have discussed in the comments, a full fledged shopping ban is probably not going to happen for me.  Blame it on my weakness, I just can't go cold turkey.  But one small indulgence a week seems so much more doable to me.  Perhaps it's similar to dieting...go too strict and you feel deprived and binge in the end?  Maybe.  I feel confident I can continue to spend less!


  1. Nice job! $40 for this is a steal and it does make it seem even more fun!! Love the gold belt. You look fab!

  2. LOVE that top on you! Funny thing is that I saw it online and wanted it...meant to tell you that I tried it on in Indy and didn't love it on me:(. Maybe with a belt?! It's So cute! xo

  3. Thanks Am! Sarah E so glad to see you! I do NOT love this top without a belt, for sure! Very tent-like especially for those of us with a larger chest! A belt is a must! Thanks for commenting! xoxo

  4. I love that top. I left it at $70 and found it at $40 as well. And in a better size. I know you're supposed to be on a ban, but good find. It's quite unique.