Friday, April 27, 2012

Dotty Friday

Pleated Lace Top:  Banana Republic, buy here
Maeve Corded Dots Pencil Skirt, Anthropologie Fall 2011
Miss Albright Bowed Lacerta Mary-Jane Heel:  Anthropologie Fall 2011
Turquoise beaded necklace:  Ann Taylor, old

 Trust mom to tell the truth.  Mine always does.  She took one look at me and said "Why are you wearing that skirt?  It is HUGE on you! Doesn't look good!"  Gee thanks Mom!  But after looking at the pictures...I must admit she's right!  Funny how a picture shows things that the mirror doesn't. I didn't think it looked too bad in the mirror, but in the picture it looks big and baggy.  I think a belt would have helped? Ah well, I was comfy all day and I am a big polka dot fan! Happy Friday!  I think next week I will do my first dressing room reviews! 


  1. Moms are funny. A belt would be cute with it. I like the turquoise necklace w/the top. Thanks for sharing your link! :)

  2. Actually, I was searching for reviews on this skirt to see how various people wore it. Maybe a ada wrap belt will really bring it out but the pattern on the skirt is very unique. I think that I would try a darker shirt to balance it out. I won't know until I get it, I saw it on ebay which is where I buy a lot of Anthropologie items for way cheap. Love the shoes too.

    My mom doesn't like half the things that I wear either. I've come to the conclusion that, that's what makes us different individuals. You have to be true to yourself and figure out what is constructive criticism and what is just not that person's style; the two things are very different. My mother is more of a southern bell/church lady style of dress...very, very conservative. I am more of a hippy/70s/soul child so you can see how these two very distinctive styles would clash.