Thursday, April 19, 2012

A wrap and a flair

Navy Wrap Around Blouse by Portrait of a Girl: Anthropologie
Navy Flair Skirt:  J.Crew
Taupe belt:  Anthropologie
Taupe bow pumps:  Circa Joan and David
This outfit turned out better than I anticipated.  As you've probably guessed I'm partial to bright colors, so I feared this would be a bit drab.  On the contrary, I quite liked it.  I felt rather Mad Men-esque in my blouse with the fluffy bow at the neck, flaired skirt, and hair twist.  I may not be able to sashay around as well as curvacious Joan Harris but I can try. 
Hey I'm getting better at this blogging!  I added web links tonight!  Sorry that they're not links to these actual items, as they are no longer available.  Baby steps folks...


  1. navy! My other obsession. This is so well put together. At first glance i thought it was a dress. The belt and shoes are perfect!

  2. i love navy too - i love this outfit and you look great in it!

  3. So nice girls, what a pleasant surprise to have comments from two dear friends!