Friday, May 17, 2013

A retail treasure found at J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Collection silk kerchief paisley skirt (size 6): J.Crew Factory
Pleated blouse (size small): Banana Republic, old
Belt: Nordstrom, 2012
Heels: Sam Edelman, 2012 
Hello Friday, you evasive lovely thing you.  It's wonderful to see you again.  Lately I've found myself working in close proximity to our closest J.Crew Factory.  Which is good and bad.  Good because I can sneak there during lunch and peruse the racks.  Bad because I am very vulnerable to making impulse buys, like this gorgeous skirt I found hanging alone on a clearance rack.  "Is this a Factory item?"  I asked a sales associate.  She said no, that once in a blue moon Factory will receive a random retail item.  "It's been here for a couple days, I can't believe it hasn't sold yet," she said.  "I would buy it immediately if it was my size!"  Of course that peer pressure was all it took for me to try it on and fall in love.  It's a Collection piece with an original price tag of $398.  Say whaaaa?  J.Crew, I love you but sometimes your prices are completely outlandish!  Fortunately the price I paid was more than 75% off that retail price.  I did a quick Google search and not much came up, I'm not even sure what season this is from. But I adore the bright colors, paisley pattern, and thick silk twill material. It's fun to twirl in too.  Come on, you know you twirl around too when you wear a full skirt!

Now my challenge is finding something to wear with it.  I've had the skirt for several weeks but have had trouble styling it.  I always think full skirts look so pretty on other girls, but I struggle a bit with them.  Any top you pair with a full skirt has to be really fitted.  Really, one wrong move with a full skirt and you land sqarely in frumpville, right?  I liked this old coral top I found in my closet, but next time I want to pair it with a fitted black tank.  I barely have any black tops in my closet. 

Have you ever scored a retail piece at a J.Crew Factory?  Thanks for reading, hope your Friday is fantastic!


  1. Nice find!!! I saw that at a factory store about a month ago, but unfortunately none in my size. Boo. It is pretty recent, from last spring I am pretty sure. It looks so much better in person than it did online, when I first saw it, I wasn't sure if it was the same skirt! Very cute on you!

  2. The Kerchief Paisley jealous you found it at the Factory. Although it would be too long for me I really love it. I have found a few things over the years that were Retail items being sold at the Factory store. Great find!

  3. So fun! Earlier in the spring, I found the Collection large houndstooth coat for well under $100. The original retail was something astronomical. It's well made, with a lovely acetate lining, so I took it home. :)

  4. Oooh so pretty. I wish there was a factory store near me. I only get to go once or twice a year usually when on vacation. What a great score!

  5. Jealous! No skirt like that in my store!

  6. Great find! My Factory store has the Retail pop ups too. I'm about 90 minutes from a Clearance store and take my kids to nearby parks and nature centers so I have an excuse to check it out a few times a year. It's hit or miss, but it is wonderful to find a great deal. The skirt looks awesome on you!