Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Anthropologie Dressing Room Reviews...I'm puzzled

Hello!  I had some time to kill today so I popped into Anthropologie to try on a few newer items.  I have to be completely honest:  My favorite store is disappointing me lately.  For me personally,  the offerings are unexciting, the sales have been lackluster, and I just feel an overall dissatifaction.  (Except for the lovely sales associates in Cincinnati...they are awesome.)  I feel like the prices are climbing higher and higher and the quality is not along for the ascent.  Plus the sizing has been so wacky lately.  I mean come on, a girl like me, 5'10", 130-something and a larger chest should never wear a size 2 top!  So many petite ladies must be sized out at Anthropologie recently, while many of the dresses and skirts are still fairly short for women anywhere over 5'6".  So I'm puzzled.  I'm not giving up on Anthropologie, as I still believe the brand will pull out of its slump.   I hope that happens sooner rather than later.  Anyway, onto the reviews:

Gerbera Surplice Dress, O by Organic
Recycled polyester, acetate lining
$158 here
I am not kidding when I tell you I had a nightgown as a kid that looked very similar to this.  The polyester did not feel nice to me, although you probably know by now that I thoroughly dislike synthetic fabrics.  There's no way you could wear this without a cami underneath, and it's a pull-over design, no zipper.  It did not seem like a quality item to me.  For reference this is a size 4 and TTS.  Total pass for me.

Scalloped Stripes Dress by Bordeaux
Modal, modal lining
$128 here
Puzzling to me that the website dubs this as an online exclusive when there were plenty of them at my store.  This is another pullover style, and short as you can see. I can envision it being cute for a Saturday morning cofffee date or stroll through the farmer's market with Jack Rogers navajo sandals.  This is a size small and I would say it runs small... this just fit me. Cute but I think you could find something really similar at the Gap for less than half the price.  Pass for me.

White Gulls Dress by LeifNote
$128 here
Another pullover style dress, and one that is short and runs tiny.  This is a small and I'd definitely size up to a medium. All of the review online say the same thing, so I know it's not just my body.  It is also very short with a huge slit.  I liked the color and the bird design, but it being too short and a weird fit on me makes it a pass as well.

Melasande Tank by Vanessa Virginia in coral, also in black
$88 here
Forest Lace Shorts by Daughters of the Liberation
$128 here
Ok, this tank is actually pretty cute other than the fact that it's poly and runs huge.  This is a size 2, which as I said in the beginning, a girl of my size should never wear a 2!   Ridic!  But when I had it on I liked it.  I would consider this top at sale time, as I like the embroidery detail.
The shorts ran small.  These are a size 6 and just fit.  They're getting good reviews online, and the embroidery is nice, but you ladies know how I feel about short shorts . Tried them for the blog only, but they may be a nice, albeit expensive, option for shorter girls.

Carissa & Colbalt Blouse by Maeve
$118 here
 Hi, may I take your order please?  Does the weird bottom of this top look like a waitress apron or what?? So bizarre!  Once again I am wearing a 2.  At first glance I liked this top, and when I got it on I found it to be utterly silly.  Runs big, so size down. Totally pass for me.

Mixed Bouquet Blouse by Maeve
$98 here
I wanted to end the reviews on a positive note.  I loved this top, the colors are pretty and the shape nice.  This is a size 2 and the fit is ok...If I were purchasing it I may try a 4 to compare.  I do think again that petite girls will be sized out of this top.  Again, I will consider it at sale time.

That's all the reviews I have today!  What are your thoughts on Anthropologie's offerings lately?  Do you find them to be a bit lacking, or is it just me?  I didn't have all the time in the world today when I stopped in, so maybe I just wasn't finding the best pieces to try on?  Maybe J.Crew just has me dazzled more lately?  I'd love to hear your thoughts! 


  1. I am feeling the exact.same.way about Anthro right now, which really makes me sad. Usually my wishlist is overflowing, and last year when I got my bday discount, I really had to reel in my picks to keep it reasonable! This year I got 2 things, and one was a candle!

    Love the Scalloped stripes dress on you. It's a really cute shape. Felt the same way about the White gulls dress--that was one ODD dress on me. I can't believe that slit--in the front AND back!!! Thanks for the reviews!

  2. I'm also 5'10" and I find Anthro dresses entirely too short. I can't wear most of them. And the vanity sizing is completely out of control. I sometimes buy XS tops and I have broad shoulders. It's crazy! I would say I'm fairly normal weight but I think most Americans are now overweight/obese so maybe I'm considered skinny now. I have no idea but truly skinny/petite women are definitely being sized out now. And the quality is horrible. I have some cute tops from last summer that look like I've worn them a million times and I haven't! I'm also very careful about my clothes so they shouldn't look this bad. Anyhow, hopefully Anthro can get its act together.
    Thanks for the reviews!

  3. I love your honest reviews - its so refreshing!

  4. love these looks on you. you are so lucky you're tall. great reviews. :)


  5. I'm with you on not being very happy with Anthro this year. I used to do lots of reviews and have a large wishlist, but I'm totally uninspired. Hopefully they'll turn it around.

  6. I really like that Melasande Tank in coral and the Mixed Bouquet Blouse on you! I just added those to my wishlist. Thanks for the helpful reviews!

  7. I'm totally with you! Between being sized out, disliking synthetics with a high price tag and everything being entirely too short (and I meant F21 short) on my 5'8" frame, there is very little left for me to buy at Anthro this year. Thank you for the reviews!

  8. Ladies, I'm happy that I'm not alone here. I don't want anyone to think I am trashing Anthropologie, that was not my intent. I do want to do honest reviews though, and with the prices at Anthro, I think it is fair to admit when we are not 100% happy with the merchandise. I am confident we'll see some items more to our liking in the next few seasons! Thank you all so much for stopping by, for your kind words and comments!

  9. Where are the shoes from that you are wearing. I love them! Great review set. I'm 6'0 so I find your reviews VERY helpful!

  10. I think the shorts are adorable - I like the green much better 'in person' than I do on the website - it's such a dull green there.

  11. Anon- Sam Edelman, DSW. I don't think they are online though, but check your store. I agree Tiffany!

  12. I agree as well. Not only are the dresses too short, but they are too short-waisted unless you are some size 2 without a figure. I recently ordered a pencil skirt , the Gilded Estate, which should be okay.

    BTW, I don't mean this in a creepy way, but you have great legs. I just started Tap Out XT, and it's killing me.


  13. nice. Thanks! I do a LOT of running and stepmill... :)

  14. I just googled "anthropologie disappointing lately" because I've been so disappointed in much of their offerings for the past year to year and a half. There have been some gorgeous exceptions, but overall, it's just not what it used to be.

    And some of the prices have just gotten silly, especially for the quality. At these prices, I might as well move up to the smaller designer brands (Lepore, Trina Turk etc.) Has there been a shake up in corporate or creative over there? Were they worried that they were getting in a rut? I have no idea, but I'm bummed.

  15. The Scalloped Stripes Dress by Bordeaux does look PRETTY cute on you, but as you mentioned, it would probably be half the price (or less) at gap / old navy / a million other places.

    It would look better if it had cap sleeves instead of short sleeves. It's kind of schizophrenic; the skirt length is short enough for a cocktail gown - or a true summer dress - but it certainly ain't either.

    They probably sell a ton of the Melasande Tank, but it is a TERRIBLE cut. It is one of those shapes that people wear when they want to "hide" their belly, and end up making them selves look twice as wide as they actually are. For someone as petite as you are, definitely you need something more form fitting.

    The Mixed Bouquet Blouse and the Carissa & Colbalt Blouse are just plain awful.

    The White Gulls Dress looks like it could make a decent TOP as long as you cut off everything below the waist. with such a deep scoop neck, definitely needs some kind of a chunky necklace to go along with it.

  16. BTW: The shoes you are wearing are really nice - as mentioned above. But for women with shorter legs who are trying to accent leg length (so as to look taller), they should avoid shoes with a strap across the ankle, as it breaks up the vertical line and can make one look shorter than they really are.

    When you are trying to look tall (like me, I am only 5 foot 3), you have to be careful and try and get as long a leg line as possible.