Thursday, June 14, 2012

Garden Floral + Purple Medallion

Silk Bow Cami in Gardem Floral:  J.Crew, here
No. 2 pencil skirt in purple medallion:  J.Crew, spring 2012
Blush pumps:  Tahari
Flower belt: Nordstrom
Look at me, suddenly the girl who is scared of pattern mixing is doing it in a big way.  I've mentioned before that I think pattern mixing can be very cute or just plain silly.  I'm hoping this falls into the cute category?  I did wear a light lavendar cardi over it for work, which toned it down a bit.  But I really liked it, hopefully no one thought I accidentally got dressed in the dark today!
Sorry if I look a bit disheveled in this picture.  (and I have an umbrella coming out of my head, whoops.) I was so excited for the boys to be finished with school for the year, but since that happened we have been completely out of sorts.  During the school year our schedule was like a tightly run ship, from gym time to school drop-off to work, we had it all down pat.   Now it seems like we can't get into a regular schedule, and the kids' camps are making it even more challenging.  So I'm trying to take OOTD pictures whenever I can squeeze it in.  This was taken at the end of the day, when apparently all my makeup decided to melt off my face.
Many ladies were rather "meh" about this J.Crew cami but I adore it...the colors and shape are so flattering.  It's down to a really reasonable price in-store, so check it out!
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  1. I tried on the bow cami today in the purplish-blue color (resisting sale + 30% off + my 15% teacher discount was impossible) and LOVED IT. The only reason I didn't get it was because I didn't think it would work with a racerback or halter style bra and I get nervous wearing a strapless bra to work. Having to "hitch up" the girls in front of a classroom of 30 22-year-old (mostly) boys is too much for my nerves! But it looks AMAZING on you!

  2. i think that the shirt looks great on you! and i'm hitting up my jcrew tonight, hopefully something good will be left...

  3. Thanks ladies! Danielle I did go with the strapless bra today...and I did do a few surreptitious yank-ups during the day!

  4. These two prints look so pretty together--I love it! I have both of these prints in pencil skirts, and I'm looking forward to wearing them.