Sunday, June 17, 2012

Date night polka dots

Polka Peppered Dress by Maeve:  Anthropologie, summer 2010
Wedges:  Banana Republic
Clutch:  The Limited
Happy Father's Day!  I hope you all have fun plans today with the important men in your life.  I surprised my husband with a round of golf with one of his best friends this morning...he was SO happy since he hasn't golfed yet this year.  We also went out last night with some friends, and I pulled out this cute polka dot dress from the back of my closet.  I bought this dress nearly two years ago and only wore it one time, so it was like having a new dress to wear.  Check out the really random shoe boutique behind me...that mannequin in the window is a little scary. 
I snapped the picture below in the powder room at The Precinct in of the stops we made last night. I just thought it looked cool.  Thanks for stopping by!

We're having dinner with my dad later...I'll check back then.

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