Friday, June 29, 2012

Seersucker + Sunny Yellow

Lemon yellow shift:  Lilly Pulitzer, spring 2010
TGIF!  I am waiting for some new office equipment to arrive at my house via UPS so I had some time to do my Friday post now rather than later, as I'm always rushed for time on Friday evenings.   
Seersucker patchwork blazer:  Lilly Pulitzer, 2009
Yellow shift dress with white detail:  Lilly Pulitzer, 2010
Bracelet: J.Crew, 2010
Nude Oscar pumps:  Jessica Simpson

We're looking at day 2 of 100 degree weather in Cincinnati so another cool outfit is required!  A loose fitting shift dress for running around and a seersucker blazer for when I am indoors seems like a good plan.  I want to thank the anonymous reader who requested that I recycle some of my older items.  She really helped me dig through my old favorites and realize I was missing out by not wearing them.  For some reason I get in the mindset that new equals better.  I would love to hear from some of you, how do you resist the urge to shop and learn to love what's already in your closet?  Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

  1. oh wow, that dress is just lovely! i love the detailing on it!

    for me... i make myself check my bank account first and then see if i have anything similar already in my wardrobe. :)