Friday, June 8, 2012

You're always so...bright

Cashmere cardigan:  J.Crew Collection, 2009
Kelsi silk ruffle top:  J.Crew, 2010
Linda floral pencil skirt:  Banana Republic, here
Nude Oscar pumps:  Jessica Simpson, here
Pink sparkle drop earrings:  Banana Republic, here
 I've heard urban legends of women who actually prefer black or low-key, neutral colors.  Women who actually eschew bright colors and patterns.  Could this be true? I can't imagine!  One of my customers said today "You always look so...bright."  I'm 98% sure he meant that as a compliment.  In any regard, he was completely accurrate!  You know by now I adore bright colors and patterns and I do not wear much black at all.  I truly believe that bright colors have a positive impact on my mood and overall being.  I was completely drawn to the bright, gorgeous colors of this skirt, and totally thought it looked like a J.Crew floral.  Love!  It's online but a much better deal in-store, if you can still find it.

I just noticed the mini bike behind me in the picture.  That's what I use to get to work.  Ha. With 3 boys under the age of 7 their toys are just a part of life's natual background.  Hope everyone had a great Friday!  Thanks for visiting!  


  1. Well your shoes are not bright. LOL. :)

    I hear you on the bright thing, I have heard that for years and years. (Today's blog post features me in bright pink and orange, nearly eye searing.)

    That skirt you have is really pretty, and definitely has a J. Crew feel. It's a shame that BR went downhill in the past few years, it is good to see it is reclaiming its former luster!

  2. Dina, that's why I have always loved your blog! I agree about Banana Republic. That store went way downhill a few years ago and never fully recovered, but I do manage to find a few gems there now and then, and I always love the jewelry!

  3. I love bright! And for me it really helps in our gray drizzly climate too... Beautiful outfit :-)

  4. I get the same comment ALL the time! In fairness 50% of my colleagues are required to wear either khaki, black, or white to work, so all the civilians seem bright in comparison...