Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer stripes

Striped silk Casey dress:  Banana Republic, spring 2012
Cap toe shoes:  Tahari, here
Belt:  Anthropologie
Necklace:  Ann Taylor, old
I'm a little wrinkly as this picture was taken at the end of the work day, but you get the idea!  I love this dress so much.  The mix of neutrals and brights, the  The first and only time I wore it was here.  After that I put it away, not wearing it again for fear of repeating an outfit on my blog.  Then I realized that's crazy!  I'm a real girl, with a real job and a real family to take care of.  I don't wear outfits one time and never again.  That's not real life.  I tried to mix it up with a different belt, necklace and shoes and I think I like today's outcome better.  Rarely do my kids notice what I'm wearing, but this morning my 7 year old, who is quickly becoming a little man, said "You look pretty today mom.  I like that dress."  Awwww!   I'm such a pushover with my boys.
If you have a blog, do you struggle with outfit repeats?  I'd love to hear from you.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. So adorable!!! Love the whole thing. :)

    1. Thank you! I really think Banana Republic hit the right note with this dress!

  2. I definitely struggle with repeats! It is even worse in the summer when it's too hot to throw on a blazer or a different scarf to change up an outfit. Generally I just don't take photos on my full-outfit repeat days, although I do try to ensure that most of my clothes make it onto the blog a number of times in different iterations. It baffles me that some bloggers seem to have the money to only wear/post things once, one way.

    Love that dress. I have been eyeing it at BR for a while now :)