Tuesday, June 12, 2012

J.Crew colorblock stripe + golden bubbles

Scoopneck blouse in colorblock stripe:  J.Crew, here
Golden bubbles skirt:  J.Crew, fall 2010
Nude pumps:  Tahari
Gold leather belt and necklace:  Banana Republic
Gold cuff:  Gift from friend

So I get the fact that I may stand alone in my passion for this top.  That's ok, I like to live on the edge like that.  I totally understand why some ladies may think it's a bit cartoony, perhaps Muppet or Fraggle-like.  Even with all that's working against it, I can't deny my love for the color and shape of this top. It's just so summery and different from all the florals and polka dots out there.  And I love the anchor shoulder buttons.  I paired it with the golden bubbles skirt from 2010...a gorgeous skirt that definitely doesn't get enough love by me.  I followed through with gold accents on the skirt in my jewelry.  All in all I love this blouse...even if I am in the minority!

Now for your comedic relief of the day:  I ran out of gas on a rural highway today while working.  (I know, so brilliant of me.) In panicked tears I called my husband, who gallantly came to my rescue with a gas can.  Except... the car still didn't start! Many hours, two tow trucks, and lots of frustration later, I'm in a rental car for the rest of the week, and my brand new colorblock top is on its way to the drycleaners.  So the next time you're having a bad moment, just think of me...sweating in my heels on a deserted highway...trying to fan the sweat away from my new top.  Even I have to laugh at myself.  On the brightside, I did have further proof today that I have the best husband in the world.  Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I'm thinking about getting this top! I love the bright colors and I was thinking about wearing it with a white pencil skirt too! We think alike :)

    It's on sale right now. To buy or not to buy....