Sunday, September 30, 2012

Double strand giraffe necklace + finely feathered tank

Finely feathered tank by Maeve:  Anthropologie, summer 2012
AG Stevie skinny jeans:  Anthropologie, fall 2011
Cece ballet flats in tortoise:  J.Crew, summer 2012
Double strand giraffe necklace:  J.Crew, summer 2012
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I wore this for a birthday party and then out to dinner with the kids and friends.  I think my giraffe necklace is going to pair well with a lot of my tops, so I'm happy I grabbed it before it sold out.  I had a lot of animals going on in this get-up...birds on the top, the giraffe on the necklace, tortoise shoes...hopefully it all worked together! 

I'm pretty worn out this morning and the kids are grumpy...a birthday party, dinner out, and then friends over at our house late was such a fun Saturday but I think we'll pay for it today!  Hope you're having a fun weekend too!  Thanks for stopping by...

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