Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews!

Good evening!  No OOTD post today because I was at home all day, on a training conference call for work.  But I was able to sneak over to Anthropologie this evening to catch the last hour of extra 25% off and I tried on some newer arrivals as well.  I haven't done an Anthropologie fitting room review for a while, so I hope you enjoy!  I tried on 4 tops and 3 skirts.  Please excuse my disheveled hair and makeup-less self!

Malva Top by Leifsdottir
100% silk
$118 here
I loved the colors in this top but I don't think the fit is all that flattering.  This is a 4, my regular Anthro size, if one exists, and it just seems kind of wide and shapeless.  It's also a bit oddly asymmetrical.  However, I like that it's silk and I love the bright colors, so it's not a total pass.  Give it a try and see for yourself. 

Split Narcissus Top by We Love Vera
Cotton and silk
$78 here
Hee I can tell by my face that I do not like the look of this on me.  This is a size 4 and it just hung there.  I loved the pretty yellow colors, that is what caught my eye, and it was a very soft material, but this is not my cup of tea.  Pass for me.

Sagiso blouse by Dolce Vita
Cotton and silk
$168 here
If loving sheer tops that look like a doily is wrong, then I don't wanna be right.  I have always had a soft spot for beautiful  embroidered ivory tops, and this one will definitely be mine someday.  (My husband teases me about my love for tops that look like doilies.) Clearly it's sheer, as you can see my nude bra, and the price is way to high.  But it's a beautiful top that would look so chic with a pencil skirt and so fresh with a a pair of colored jeans.  LOVE!  This is a size 4 and TTS.

Onyx-scalloped blouse by??
Nylon (wah wah waaaaaah)
$118 here
Dilated lace skirt by ??
$148 here
Oddly Anthro's website does not list the labels on either of these items and I can't remember what they are either!  I want to say Postmark?  If anyone knows please leave a comment.  Anyway, I love the idea of this top.  But the top itself...nylon (really Anthro?) and totally sheer, is a bit disappointing.  However, looking at the picture I think it could be quite flattering.  So if it goes to sale, I may reconsider.  This is a 4 and TTS. 

I really wanted to like the skirt, but it was quite uncomfortable and oddly created.  The layer underneath was a stiff, thin cotton and the black overlay was very stiff and looked like it would pull easily.  I like how it looks in the picture, but I don't think I love it IRL.  Plus the price is too high for me.  Also, this is a 6 and it runs small so you may want to size up!

Gilded Estate skirt by Yoana Baraschi
Cotton, spandex, polyester lining
$128 here
I have seen this skirt on several bloggers now, including the lovely Roxy, and knew I wanted to try it for myself.  LOVE!  This skirt will be mine for sure.  Yoana Baraschi has always been one of my favorite labels in Anthro, and this skirt lives up to my expectations! I'm wearing a 4 which is clearly too tight, so I will go with a 6 which is my normal pencil skirt size in Anthro.  The material and design are so lovely, and it's a nice saturated blue.  A+ for me! I'd say this skirt runs slightly small, so keep that in mind.

Beryl skirt by Yoana Baraschi
Polyester (wah wah waaaah)
$128 here
Arrrgh polyester again!  Do I just have to give up and accept the fact that it is everywhere, even at higher end retailers?  Although I will say that this polyester actually felt nice and I thought it was silk until I looked at the label.  This is a 6 and TTS.  It's a cute and bold skirt, but I don't think it's for me.  Great colors and pattern mixing though!

Those are all the reviews I have for you today.  I definitely found more new arrivals I liked at Anthro today than I did the last time I did reviews.   I hope you enjoyed the reviews as well.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Thanks for the helpful reviews! I actually think the Split Narcissus Top looks really cute on you. Maybe wear it with white slim/skinny fit jeans.. or capris.. it's just the shorts that throw the proportions off. :)

  2. I have no idea how you do it, but you look great in everything! Thank you for the helpful reviews!

  3. I love these reviews Jeannie! So helpful. I think you look great in everything here, but agree the first few tops need a belt or something to give them some shape!