Friday, July 20, 2012

Pink jacket + garden floral

Cotton sateen jacket in light pink:  J.Crew, spring 2009
Silk bow cami in garden floral:  J.Crew, summer 2012
Stretch pencil skirt:  Ann Taylor, summer 2010
Black gladiator shoes:  Ann Taylor, summer 2009
Friday, you beautiful thing you.  Is there any lovlier day?  I had an important day so I had to break out  a blazer, something I haven't done much of this summer because it has been so everlastingly hot and muggy here.  Today was more overcast and rainy though so I wasn't too hot.  I have noticed that I really don't own too many summer blazers...most of mine are of the wool variety and better suited for cooler weather.  This jacket from J.Crew is a few years old but I still love but professional.  I love pairing older items (jacket and skirt) with newer finds (silk bow cami).  Plus this jacket always makes me feel a bit like a Pink Lady from Grease.  Just call me Rizzo.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. It has been too hot lately to wear blazers. I've been sticking with those really light featherwieght cardigans lately. I adore your blazer, it is very Pink Lady :D btw the think its great how you post the year you got your item in, it really helps to keep J. Crew's ever-changing items in perspective :)


  2. I soooo love the Garden Floral Bow Tie top--it looks lovely on you on your lovely Friday!!! I hope to get it soon!

  3. Thanks girls! I do love the garden floral colorful!