Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th outfits!

Mariposa Tank by Girls From Savoy:  Anthropologie, Summer 2011
Sailor shorts in strawberry:  J.Crew, here
Yellow wedges:  Audry Brook,  other colors here
What a day!  We've been running from here to there all day but it's been a great time with friends.  I had an outfit change due to the fact that the heat wave in Cincinnati is still going strong!  For our first event, a fun festival at a lake community in Northern Kentucky, I went pretty casual with this tank and shorts. I forgot how comfortable and flattering this top is, I will definitely be wearing it again this summer. I also highly recommend these shorts from J.Crew...they are the perfect length and so comfy, but if you can catch them in-store they are a much better price!

Isabel dress in white mariposa:  Lilly Pulitzer, summer 2012 here
Jack Rogers Rio Navajo in turquoise/gold, summer 2012 buy on sale here
Our next stop was a kid-friendly party, hosted by a family from our sons' school. I wanted to dress up a bit more so I went with this Lilly dress with gorgeous lace detail at the halter.  Since I was still running after my 2 year old I wore flat sandals and I'm glad I did as he was in HIGH MAINTAINENCE mode at this party.  Whew...we're home now, it's 10 PM and I'm ready to put the kidsg to bed and have 1 drink that I can actually enjoy without running after someone, getting a water for someone, or otherwise tending to their needs.  Happy 4th everyone!  I am so proud of our country and the men and women who defend our nation. 


  1. It sounds like you had a very fun and busy holiday! You look wonderful in both outfits, and I absolutely adore your Lily Pulitzer dress!

    1. Thanks so much! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Love that you paired those pretty pink shorts with bright yellow shoesies!


    1. Thanks so much! I see you had some yellow pumps on yourself on your blog! :)