Tuesday, July 24, 2012

J.Crew fitting room reviews

Hello there!  I had a moment this evening to pop into J.Crew so I decided to try on some of the items that have not hit sale yet.  The store was pretty empty between the huge sales they've been having and the fact that the new fall items have not yet arrived. My favorite sales associate told me they are expecting the new fall lineup to be delivered tomorrow so I am sure I will stop back to see the new arrivals in person!  Until then here are a few of my picks from what's left:

Colorblock sequin tank in seamist/navy
Size small
$65  here
Ankle stretch toothpick jean in classic rinse wash
Size 28
$125 here
If you are not sequined-out, this is a really lovely tank for a not too crazy price.  I love this color scheme so much.  I tried on a size small and it was too big in the armholes and chest area...I would size down to an extra-small.  So this one definitely runs big, because it's a rare day that I take a size extra-small.  Other than that, I loved this top and it is on my wishlist.
I really liked these jeans a lot.  These are a 28 and they were pretty tight.  The muffin top was not pretty folks.  I'd probably size up to a 29 in these, so I'd say they run on the smaller side.  I'd also like to see how they look in size Long, but I don't mind the length on these.

Top in colorblock stripe in festival green
Size 4
$128 here
Oh dear, this top is not good.  The color scheme looks like something my 5 year old boy would like, and $128 for RAYON?  Come on J.Crew!  We thought the silk colorblock top was priced steep at around this price in the spring...to charge this price for rayon is unacceptable.  Not to mention the material just doesn't feel nice, and it's very shapeless.  I'm wearing a 4 and it was pretty big on me, so size down.  But this is a definitely PASS for me.

Tippi sweater in heart me
Size small, color pink peacock
$89.50 here
Cafe capri in kaleidoscope dot
Size 6
$148 here
I am torn on this tippi sweater.  On one hand I love it, and I love the colors.  But on the other hand, I feel like it looks juvenile.  I swear I had a similar Espirit sweater in the 4th grade.  (Remember before Justice there was Espirit?  Ahhh I am showing my age!)  I think this could look darling under a blazer, but then would I be too hot?  I guess I could save it for weekend wear.  I'm definitely on the fence.  On a sizing note, the small had tight arms.  But the body was fine, and I think sizing up to a medium would make it baggy.  Has anyone else noticed this?  My leopard tippi is a small and the arms aren't tight, so not sure why this one seems to be squeezing my arms like sausages.

On the pants:  I tried these on for the blog only.  I know lots of lovely ladies who look great in capris, I don't think I am one of them.  I feel so dowdy in them.  These are a size 6 and they were huge.  I'd definitely size down to a 4.  But these are a pass for me, the material was nice but the pattern screamed "jammie bottoms" to me.

Ankle stretch toothpick jean in garment-dyed twill
Color: Dark poppy, size 28
$125 here
I'm going to show my age again here by telling you I rocked red jeans in the early 90's as a young teen.  So these took me back to my youth, and I must say I loved them!  They were not too low-waisted either, so my muffin top did not spill over.  The size 28 fit great with a bit of stretch, and they felt soft too.  The color was saturated and pretty.  These are on my wishlist for sure.  I promise not to wear them with a black body suit circa 1994.

Dree Dress in Deck Stripe
Size 4
$148 here
Why am I making that face, do you ask?  Because I'm saying to myself  "Toooooooooooo short!"  Wow!  This is a 4 and I could tell it looked tiny but my store didn't have a 6 for me to try.  I would definitely need a 6 as this felt too tight.  However, I don't think sizing up would make the dress any longer, so it is a pass for me.  I liked the elasticized waist and material though, and I think more petite girls will look adorable.

Stripe derby dress
Size 4, navy
$138 here
I saw some girl wearing this dress one evening when we were out and I thought it looked adorable.  I knew I wanted to give it a try.  I thought it was really cute on, and a good length.  The size 4 was good, so I'd say this is TTS.  Love that it has pockets!  This is wishlisted for me. 

That's all of my reviews for today, I hope they were helpful!


  1. ok, i love the sequin tank and think the bright jeans look great on you! and i totally remember esprit... i'm from SF so we used to go to the outlet all the time!

  2. I'm on the fence with the tipi heart sweater for the same reason!!

  3. Thank you so much for these reviews - they're so helpful.

    I have the ankle toothpick jeans in tall and I like the length a lot (and I'm only 5'6") - I feel like it takes them away from being summer-only jeans.

    I think I'm going to return the peacock/pink heart me tippi tomorrow for the same reasons you state. It is fun though. I still have it in the gray/blue colorway and think it will be good under a blazer in the fall.

  4. Wow, the sequin tank is especially gorgeous on you.

  5. You know I'm NEVER sequined out and oh oh, I was hoping that tank ran small since I got one in XS from eBay. Oh well, I'll wear it over a tee or shirt. It looks great on you!

    Your face with the Dree dress is hilarious. That dress is barely long enough on me, I feel for you taller ladies.

    The stripe derby dress was made for you!!!

  6. Love this! LOVE the stripe derby dress. I may have to run to JCrew! I agree with your comments, and LOVED Esprit too!
    Can't wait to see what you think of the new Fall line.

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone!

  8. Can I ask what size you normally take in J Crew tops? I just ordered the tank on final sale (gasp!) with the 30% off and I normally take a size small in their tops. I pray it fits.

    1. Lorrie, I typcially am ALWAYS a small at J.Crew. I ordered this as well during the 30% off sale and I did decide to go with a small for fear an XS would be too tight across the chest. Hopefully it works out for both of us!

    2. Mine was delivered today but I have yet to try it on. I hope it works out for both of us too!