Monday, July 30, 2012

Wrap around blouse + flowers

Wrap around blouse by Portrait of a Girl:  Anthropologie, winter 2012
San Pedro pencil skirt in gold:  Anthropologie, summer 2011
Flower belt:  Anthropologie, 2009 I think?
Gladiator heels:  Ann Taylor, summer 2009

You know those peaceful moments you have when you can stare, uninterrupted, into your wardrobe and dream up a fab outfit?  Yeah me either.  Moments like that don't exist in my life right now.  Most of the time, while I'm trying to scheme up an outfit, I have three little boys wrestling, running, and hanging around me.  Good thing I work well under pressure.  I dreamed up this outfit right after bath time last night, when the three little angels were NAKED and running all around me.  I think I deserve a medal for that, as I loved how it turned out and received many compliments today.

Amazing how the harsh morning light pretty much erases all of my makeup in pictures.  Any remedy for this?  I'm such a novice.

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  1. adore! such a lovely outfit for a drab Monday (at least, its drab here!)

  2. Nice! I love those little random moments of inspiration, when you suddenly think of an outfit mix! I like the way the whimsy of the flowers balance the bow!

  3. Face the sun-and you can't win if sun is directly overhead.

  4. Cute outfit! I love the Wrap Around Blouse, I have the same version and wear it all the time. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Love this on you. Great belt! Makes the top look totally different!

  6. Thanks ladies! If I can be an inspiration to any of you fashionable girls, it would be an honor!