Friday, November 23, 2012

Updated: Plaid trousers 2 ways, my only thrifted closet item

Black ruffle neck cardigan and black silk cami:  J.Crew Factory, 2008
Plaid wool trousers: J.Crew, thrfted!
Bow pumps: Tahari

Chambray shirt:  Banana Republic, summer 2012
Plaid wool pants:  J.Crew, my only thrifted closet item!
Red wedges:  Me Too
 I think it's awesome when people can find amazing treasures at thrift stores.  But as much as I love a good bargain, I just don't get into thrift shopping.  I don't really have the time it takes to dig and find the good stuff.  However, I do have a dear friend that does a lot of thrifting, and she has found countless deals.  She even runs a little eBay business, selling much of what she finds at a great profit.  One day last spring she texted me a picture of these J.Crew plaid pants and said they looked like me.  She found them in a Goodwill in Cincinnati.  Of course I ran right over and bought them...I think they were $4.99, and in perfect condition.  I'd always wanted a bright pair of plaid pants, like these, but I didn't want to spend a lot because I knew I'd only wear them a couple times a year around the holidays.  So I was happy to find these!  They're great wool material, fully lined, and a size 6.  I had to take them to the tailor and have the hem let down, and now they're perfect on me.  I'm happy to see so many plaid pants at J.Crew and Factory right now, the trend, (which is actually more a classic), is still going strong.

I admit, it takes some guts to wear these babies.  At least for me.  And I struggled with what to pair with them to not look like a clown.  As you can see I tried them out two ways.  I like the black top better, but I first tried chambray, since that is the style answer to everything isn't it?   When I came down the stairs in this outfit, my husband started humming the Brady Bunch song and my 5 year old asked me why I was wearing pajama pants to go out.  Hmmm...not the biggest confidence booster.  But then I decided I didn't care...I love my plaid pants!  I wore them to go Christmas tree shopping (only real trees for us) and enjoyed every minute of it. 

Anyone know what year these may be from at J.Crew?  The fit is called "favorite fit."  I tried to find them online to no avail.

Thanks for stopping by!  Which way do you like these plaid pants? 


  1. What a great friend to find these fabulous pants for you, and at the thrift store of all places! It definitely takes some guts to wear these, but you pull it off so well. I especially like the outfit with the black top. Love it!

    1. Thanks! I like it better with black too! I tried them with a green blouse too and that was fun!

  2. Great look. I have been watching sales for a great pair of plaid pants and finally purchased a pair online this weekend, and while I wish I could say I paid $4.99, sadly that wasn't the case... Amazing thrift find. What's your friends ebay business name? Looks like she has great taste!

  3. Loving the plaid pants! I'm very inspired by the blogosphere to pick up some plaid pants for myself. And I am a big fan of thrifting when I have the time!

    1. I have two friends who are excellent at thrifting! I wish I had more patience for it!

  4. lovely and classy. May I suggest/share this look?: