Sunday, November 4, 2012

Liebster Blog Award!

Thanks so much to the awesome Egyptomaniac and the lovely Laura F for nominating my little blog for the Liebster blog award!  How fun and what an honor!  So the first thing I will do, in accordance to the award, is post 11 facts about myself!
1.  I am the youngest of four children, and I firmly believe in the theory that birth order affects not only your personality but how you parent your own children.  The subject fascinates me. 
2.  I am in sales now, but throughout most of my 20's, after graduating from college, I worked as a television news reporter.  I still miss my television career a great deal, but it's a really tough field to work in when you have young children.
3.  I am a political junkie.  Some of that stems from my reporting career, and some of it comes from my years working in the press office of a governor.  I love debating political topics, and I think it's a shame when people chose not to educate themselves on the issues and candidates.  Whatever your political affiliation may! 
4.  I have three little boys, but for years I longed endlessly for a little girl.  I still get those pangs now and then but I love being a boy mom more than I ever thought possible.  And boys love their moms!
5.  I love to cook!  I don't believe in bottled salad dressing or any kind of bottled or canned sauce...everything is better homemade!  I love to host Thanksgiving...there's nothing better than a big crowd at my dining room table, enjoying food, drink and conversation. So cozy.
6.  My grandma always used to dole out this advice to my mom, my sister and me: if you're feeling down, go buy a pretty new lipstick.  To this day I swear it cheers me right up to purchase a bright new lip color!
7.  I LOVE using coupons when I grocery shop.  I haven't become a crazy stock-piling lady yet, but I usually have about $60 worth of coupons each week when I shop.  Hey, I look at it as more money to spend on fun stuff like clothes!
8.  I don't have much of a sweet tooth, I have more of a salt tooth.  I try not to keep bags of chips in the hourse or they'd be gone in a day or two. 
9.  My favorite place to be on Christmas Day is on the beach with my family.  We vacation in Florida every Christmas, and I can't imagine being any place else for my favorite holiday of the year.
10.  I come from a long line of left handers, I am left handed, and my middle son is a lefty too.
11.  And this one is for Egyptomaniac, who mentioned a similar fact for her #11:  When I had my third son, it was a natual birth, no pain killers whatsoever.  This was NOT my choice, he was just determined to arrive into this world as quickly as possible, leaving no time for me to have an epidural or any pain killers.  He's been just as stubborn and determined ever since the day he was born!  And I can say I conquered my biggest fear and lived to tell about it.
And now, for the second half of the equation, I will answer the 11 questions posed by Egyptomaniac:
1. What is that one special  item(clothing/accessory) you never leave the house without? Why?
I never leave the house without wearing a great-fitting bra.  It completely transforms how clothing fits! 
2. If you could only wear one pair of shoes for an entire year, what would they be and why?
No one who reads my blog will be surprised that my answer is nude pumps!  They go with everything and lengthen the leg line, what's not to love?
3. What's your biggest fashion 'Don't' or trend you avoid at all costs?
Leggings.  Hate them. I remember wearing them in 4th and 5th grade.  That will be the last time I ever wear them.  I also don't get why so many women wear workout clothes as real clothes.  Yoga pants are not real pants!    
4.What's the most expensive item in your closet?
The Gucci bag my husband bought for me as my "push present" after our 3rd son was born.  (See Fact #11 to explain why he felt I deserved an awesome gift...)
5.Ok, now what's the most treasured item in your closet--the one you wouldn't sell for a million bucks?
My Elimovna Coat by Tracy Reese, Anthropologie 2009.  See it here.  I get compliments every single time I wear it, and it still feels so special to me.  Also my Louis Vuitton Speedy bag...a classic.
6. Honestly now, do you dress for yourself or dress for others?
Both!  I genuinely adore fashion, clothing, classics, and trends, so in that regard I dress for myself.  I also take a lot of pride in looking my best, no matter where I go, so in that regard I guess I dress for others.
7.  Let's be catty for a moment: Any public figures you'd like to nominate for 'What Not to Wear'?
Jessica Simpson.  A beautiful girl in need of some serious fashion help. 
8. What's the best piece of fashion advice you were ever given?
When I was much younger my mom told me not to depend on black all the time.  To wear color and stand out.  Clearly I took that advice to heart!
9. What is your favorite season to dress for? Why?
Spring.  I adore the feeling of coming out of winter hibernation, with all of the beautiful colors and shapes of dresses.  I also like that it can still be cool enough to layer a bit, so you can really mix up your look.
10.Got any pet peeves or phobias? What kind of crazy do you try to hide from others?
My pet peeve is chipped nail polish, on fingers or toes.  So unprofessional and sloppy. 
I can be insecure sometimes.  I try to hide that side of me at all times.  I like to come across as a confident woman.
11. The holidays are coming up! It wouldn't be the holiday season for you without:
Sparkly items!  I love shimmer, sequins, and sparkly trends for the holidays!  Who doesn't?
Bonus Question: (cause it's a good one!)
12. I'm assuming we're all fans of J Crew here (or just insert your favorite retailer). If you could give one suggestion/idea/demand/restriction/vent to the designers for future seasons what would it be?
Ahhh I wish J.Crew would ask its customers this!  My biggest complaint is so many J.Crew dresses are made way to short!  Either lengthen your dresses or offer more "Tall" options, J.Crew!  Most professional work places do not approve of thigh-high dresse!  (IE: Allie and Jules dresses!)
Ok, now I get to choose other bloggers to pass on this great award, and ask them a few questions!  I am supposed to pass the award on to bloggers with less than 200 followers, so I tried to do that as much as possible. But there are some on here with a few more than that.  I'm such a rule breaker, aren't I??  I am passing on the Liebster Blog Award to the following blogs, in no particular order: 
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Ok, here are my 11 questions ladies: 
1. What is your favorite place to get fashion inspiration? Magazines, blogs, pinterest?

 2. Cold, gloomy winter is coming.  What winter item or trend are you looking forward to wearing , to brighten up your days?

 3. What is your favorite all-season clothing item, that you can wear in the heat of the summer and the dead of winter?

 4. What trend did you say "NEVER" to, and ended up loving?

 5. On the other end of the spectrum, what trend did you love at one time, and now you say "I can't BELIEVE I wore that!"

6. What is the craziest thing you ever did in pursuit of an item you had to have in your closet?

7. Do you set a monthly budget for clothing purchases?  How do you decide upon a number?

8. Do you have any items in your closet that have lasted 5 years or more, that you still wear consistently?  If so, what are those items?

9. Have you always loved fashion, or is it something that became more interesting to you as you grew older?

10. What is your opinion on vanity sizing?

 11. How closely do you tie self-acceptance and self-love to how you present yourself?
Looking forward to your answers!  Thanks for the opportunity! 


  1. Many thanks for the nomination -- I answered your questions on my blog!

  2. Thank you for the award! It's fun to get to know people a little bit better, but I admit that I have difficulty sharing facts about myself on my blog! I'll try to answer the questions on my 3 day weekend next week!

  3. Thank you so much for the award :)

  4. Thanks so much! I just got back today and will post when I get ahold of some pics for the weekend.