Friday, November 30, 2012

Mako Blouse by Anna Sui + festival blue pencil skirt

Mako Blouse by Anna Sui:  Anthropologie, 2010
Double Serge wool No. 2 pencil skirt in festival blue:  J.Crew, here
Boots:  Ann Taylor (old)
We all have items in our closets that we love but that don't get nearly enough play, don't we?  This blouse is one of mine.  I adore it but rarely wear it because...well it's just kind of  blousey and difficult to style.  But it's such a perfect match for J.Crew's festival blue color that this outfit was a no-brainer.  Which is what I need for a Friday.  (Also see the lovely Molly of Anthromollogies rock this blouse here.)  I always feel like I should be going to a Mexican fiesta or something in this top.  Or maybe a folk dance.  Whatever.  I made it work for the corporate world, right? 

How do you make difficult to style items work for you?  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Gorgeous blouse! Love how the top perfectly matches your pencil skirt <3


  2. that blouse is just gorgeous! and i love the color of the skirt - i picked that one up too :)

    1. It was such a great deal, and it is one of my favorites!