Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tippi + Tweed + Bubble

Tippi sweater in crushed grape:  J.Crew, here
No. 2 pencil skirt in multi color tweed:  J.Crew, fall 2012
Pink silk blouse:  J.Crew, summer 2009
Passcode pumps:  Seychelles
Bubble necklace in neon pink:  J.Crew, fall 2012
Happy election day!  I hope you all exercised your right to VOTE!

This could be my FFO so far!  What is FFO, you ask?  Favorite Fall Outfit of course!  I love making up my own acronyms.  So I've been dying to jump on the Peter Pan collar bandwagon, and when I was going through my pink tops last night to wear under this sweater, I found this little top from a few summers ago... with a Peter Pan collar!  How much do I love when I can find a passing trend already in my closet? 

So I'm not really an "untucked" kind of girl...I'm too structured and conservative for the look, usually.  But for some reason I really liked how this top looked untucked with the sweater and skirt.  Do you usually leave layers untucked, or are you like me, and like everything all buttoned up? 

Someday I am going to write an ode to the Tippi...there is nothing with which this little powerhouse sweater won't work.  I want it in every color!  And really, even though we complained at the beginning of the fall how it had gone up in price, I have bought almost all of my Tippis for great prices in-store or online, when they are marked $39.99 + an additional 30% off.  You can't beat that price with a stick, can ya?

Thanks for reading!


  1. ok - i think this is my favorite fall look that you've posted so far. it's so classy and it flows SO WELL! adore adore adore!

  2. I knew from the moment that I read the post title, that I would love this outfit! It has all of my favorites...tweed, bubble necklace and tippi! You look fabulous!

  3. I have to agree with you...this outfit is beautiful! Definitely one of my favorites that you've worn.

  4. This is absolutely adorable...I want every piece!

  5. Pink purple AND a bubble! LOVE this outfit! In fact, this is one of your top 10 of the year!

  6. So pretty....it's one of my favorite outfits too! I have this blouse in the melon color, and I remember wanting this particular color too. I am also a gal who has to tuck in everything, but I'm starting to relax a little more about it. I think the untucked look looks great on you!

  7. Adorable! I love the pink and purple together.

  8. Oh no! I think I need that grape tippi! I already have the tweed skirt and just got the pink bubble. I hadn't even thought of this combo. Love it! I'm a tucker-outer. I like the peek of a shirt tail hanging out. Plus my pant waist is usually loose,because of my waist/hip ratio, and shirts come untucked soon enough anyway!