Saturday, November 3, 2012

Casual featuring polka dots and Ugg Lynnea

Collection cashmere polka dot sweater:  J.Crew, fall 2012
AG Stevie skinny jeans:  Anthropologie, fall 2011
Boots:  Ugg Lynnea in cinnamon burnished suede:  Here
Bubble necklace in brilliant blue:  J.Crew, fall 2012
Hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start.  I'm wearing just a casual but colorful outfit for a day filled with soccer and basketball games and friends coming over for dinner. It's much colder outside than I anticipated so the Ugg Lynneas were really cozy.  You can turn them down like this, or turn them up and wear them under bootcut jeans...they're very versatile.

The first time I wore this sweater, here, I told you I had really considered buying it in the poppy color too.  I didn't, because it just seemed ridiculous to buy two of them at such a high price.  Now, since this has become my favorite sweater of all time,  I am kicking myself!   I can't believe I had the poppy color in my hands, ready to buy, and let it get away!  I hate when I do that, don't you?  Hoping for a popback!  I've worn this sweater four times now in the month that I've had it, and it hasn't pilled, pulled or stretched out at all.  Horray for J.Crew cashmere being brought back to the quality we expect! 

If anyone sees the poppy color polka dot sweater in a size small, at your local J.Crew, will you leave it in the comment section?  I'm greatly appreciate it.  Many thanks! 


  1. ah! Great idea to match the bubble necklace to the dots :) btw the poppy colored sweater is gorgeous - I hope someone spots it for you!


  2. It's available online in a small, $179 with 25% off. This sweater is really beautiful on you!