Friday, May 18, 2012

Are those owls on your top?

Lemon Lift-off Blouse by Girls of Savoy:  Anthropologie, Fall 2011
Sun-stitched skirt by Tiny:  Anthropologie, Spring 2011
Twinkled Scallops Headband:  Anthropologie, buy here
Pumps:  Banana Republic, old
I was on the fence about this outfit when I walked out the door today.  Mainly because the last time I wore this skirt, last summer, some girl asked me "Oh my gosh, how are you feeling?"  You know people only ask that question for one reason:  when they think you're pregnant!   It made me so paranoid I couldn't wear this skirt for the rest of the summer.  Anyway,  I've had this outfit in mind for a while but wasn't sure about the proportions.  But then I received a zillion compliments on this outfit all day!  Plus many "Are those owls on your top?"  Why yes, yes they are.  And who doesn't love a tiny wise old owl print?  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  We just joined the Cincinnati Sports Club, and the outdoor pool is opening early this weekend since the weather in Cincinnati has been so warm all spring.  That's where we'll be all weekend so not sure how many posts I'll have!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Wow you look so cute! Now I wish I had that blouse:)


  2. Thank you Sara! I hope you continue to visit!

  3. Fresh as a daisy! Love it!!!