Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seersucker + flowers

Seersucker blazer:  J.Crew, 2009
Perennial shift dress by Anna Sui:  Anthropologie, Spring 2011
Burgundy pumps:  Seychelles
This day was a whirlwind!  It went something like this:  Earling morning gym - boys to school - work - boys home - pool with friends - baseball practice - ice cream at the park - home.  And my husband is out of town so it was yours truly doing all the running!  I have found that it doesn't matter if you work or stay home... all of my mom friends are constantly running around either way.  I actually enjoyed all of it today though...the boys are at good ages now, so it's not as hard to handle them all alone.  Now that my older two are 7 and 5, it is getting much easier.  And the baby already thinks he's a big kid at age 2, trying to keep up with his brothers.  It makes me a little sad that they're growing up so quick.  Sad enough to add another baby to the mix?  We'll see. That is the big question around here.

I wore some old favorites today.  This dress may be a weee bit short for work, but since I was completely covered up on top I thought I could get away with it.  In the warmer months I am crazy for all things seersucker, and this jacket has been a great summer staple.  Do you love seersucker?   Looking at the picture I could have definitely used a necklace.  I am no good with accessories in the morning!  I need to start planning that aspect of my outfits better.  That has been my favorite part of keeping a blog so far... to look at my outfits and determine what's missing, what could be added.  Blame my Type A personality. 
Thank you for visiting!  I get so excited by comments too, so feel free to share your thoughts!  Hope you are having a great week!


  1. I came across your blog by chance. Love your outfits and devotion to appreciating what you already have! I live in cincy too!

  2. I hope you keep reading! Thank you for your kind words!