Friday, May 11, 2012

Wear your prettiest dress

Ava dress:  Lilly Pulitzer, not available but click here if you want a closer look
Pink pumps:  Seychelles, similar here
This morning I had to get up nice and early to attend a special mass with my 1st grade son at his Catholic school.  To celebrate an early Mother's Day, all the 1st grade moms were invited to attend the mass with our children and then to breakfast in their classroom.  My son said "wear your prettiest dress."  Swoon for him.  I happily obliged. This Lilly dress was actually part of the Fall 2011 line, but I think it looks quite springy, don't you?  I wore it all day to work and received many kind compliments.

For our Mother's Day gifts, the 1st graders painted flower pots to look like fave color combo, pink and green!  It was a perfect morning, and I don't think any of us made it through the celebration without getting a little teary.  The kids had to write a sentence starting with:  "If I gave my mom one gift...." and my son wrote "If I had to give my mom one gift, I would give her lots of love, because she loves me and I love her."  Cue tears now. 


  1. So sweet Jeannie! It's the moments that make it all worth it! AND your dress is perfect! I'm in love with it! And of course love the touch with the belt and shoes. You looked amazing and I'm sure Logan was so proud!

  2. Aww...that's a lovely day. Happy Mother's Day, Jeannie :)