Monday, May 21, 2012

Dots + Flowers

Silk polka dot tee:  J.Crew, Fall 2011
Odille floral skirt:  Anthropologie, Spring 2010
Mary Janes heels:  Sam Edelman
Flower belt:  Nordstrom
Necklace:  Banana Republic
I have this thing about pattern mixing.  When it's done right, it looks adorable and deliberate.  When it's done wrong, it just looks random and silly.  I always have all these pattern-mixing ideas, but fear of falling in the latter category usually prevents me from actually wearing the ideas. Today I decided to go for it.  This silk tee is almost a neutral, so I thought starting small would be best.  I have had this silk top from J.Crew for months, but it's so delicate and light colored (WHY didn't I go with the navy? So much lower maintainence) that I've been scared to wear it for fear of spilling or sweating in it!  Fortunately neither fashion faux pas happened to me today and the silk tee made it safely back into my closet without incident.  So what do you think?  Did I do OK with my first pattern mixing experience? 

I have two sets of J.Crew reviews to bring to you this week!  I'm very excited about them!  Thanks for checking out my blog!


  1. Love it! You look gorgeous!

  2. Thank you! Please keep reading!