Saturday, May 12, 2012

Palma dress

Palma dress, Sariah by Sariah Carson, Anthropologie, Winter 2012
Shoes:  Max Studio, DSW
Handbag:  Gucci, similar here
Earrings: Banana Republic, buy here
As I had mentioned, my sons go to a Catholic school in Cincinnati.  It's a wonderful school that really gets families involved.  It's also a school where the parents love to have fun.  There are always events and parties to attend, fundraisers for the PTO and the school.  One event held every year is the fashion show.  This event is obviously geared towards the moms, and it's a really fun evening.  Local boutiques are featured in the show, and instead of hiring real models, some of the moms do the modeling.  I have had the honor now for two years to be one of the models.  Most of the women say "oh I could NEVER do that, I'd be too nervous!"  I totally get it.  But I find it fun!  I did do a bit of modeling in my college years so perhaps that is why I don't find it scary.  Anyway, I had all these plans to take a lot of pictures at the event, but then it got started and I was just too busy.  But I wore the Palma dress for the occassion, and it was perfect.  I obsessed over this dress all winter, hoping for a sale.  It finally did get marked down at the end of March, and I was able to get it for an even better price because I had my birthday discount on top of the sale price.  I think the colors and pattern on this dress are stunning!  The only caveat is, I can't dress myself in it because of the tiny buttons down the back.  So one of the other models had to help me, then I had to pull my poor husband out of bed late at night to unbutton it for me when I got home from the event.  He wasn't amused. 
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My husband bought me this handbag two years ago as my "push present" after I had our third son.  I think he felt really sorry for me because our son decided to make his arrival so quick there was no time for me to have an epidural or any painkillers at all.  So I faced my worst fear AND got a new Gucci, all in one fell swoop.  Oh, and a new baby.  Can't forget him, as he is one of the greatest loves of my life.
Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! 


  1. The fashion show sounds like great way for parents to spend time together. It's also a creative way to fundraise, too.

    I love the dress and thank you for the link! I know what you mean about those back buttons, too! You need an extra set of hands to wear it! Ha!!

  2. No problem on the link! Loved the Palma on you!
    The fashion show really is a fun event!

  3. Thanks so much for the linky love, girl! The Palma shines on you! You know...about the buttons, all I do is unbutton the bottom two down by the waist, and shimmy it over my bod so all I have to do up are the two buttons once it's on. Yes, it's a bit snug coming and going, but I avoid having to wake up hubs!
    By the way, the push present was VERY appropriate. Good move, husband of yours!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Molly! Love your blog!

  5. Hi Jeannie, I am so glad you have your blog. I am the same height and the same size and you help me a lot with my purchases...! It is not always easy to navigate dresses well with our height.:)
    Hope you will keep blogging. You definitely make me want to dress less black...