Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Factory Casbah pencil skirt

Silk pin tuck top in charcoal:  J.Crew, winter 2012
Pencil skirt in jade/casbah print:  J.Crew Factory website (I can't link since factory website only open on weekends! Check to see if it's still available when Friday rolls around!)
"Password" pumps:  Seychelles
Necklace:  Contest prize from the awesome Gigi of Gigi's Gone Shopping

I really love when J.Crew Factory takes a popular print from a few seasons ago and remakes it into other pieces.  Many of us loved the silk top in the Casbah print last spring.  I own it and have worn it a lot.  This spring I was thrilled to see that the Factory had come out with a gorgeous pencil skirt in the same exact pattern and colors!  I ordered a 6 and I have plenty of room...I could have gone with a 4 but I was afraid of it being too tight.  It definitely stretched during the day but it's not so big that I can't wear it, so no worries. Just keep that in mind if you are ordering it.  The saturated colors of this skirt are outstanding, they are even brighter than they were on the silk top!  My only complaint is it is unlined.  J.Crew Factory, you're still charging $79.50 for a skirt.  I don't think a lining is too much to ask! 
I finally tore myself away from my beloved bubble necklace to wear another gorgeous piece- I won this necklace from a blog contest held by Gigi of Gigi's Gone Shopping.  She's hilarious and shares my love for J.Crew, so hers has always been a favorite blog of mine.  Thanks for the necklace Gigi!
Check out my photographer's shadow at the bottom of the much as he grumbles about it, I thank my husband for snapping the shot everyday!


  1. Love the Casbah print - your skirt looks great. There are a few prints J Crew has done over the years that I would love to have in several pieces!

  2. Such sweet sayings. Thank you :) Yay, the necklace looks great! So glad it worked so easily for you. I am starting to get into this Factory re-issue business. I got the casbah scarf & tunic and am pleased w/both. I may cut the scarf and have the seam finished so it's no longer an infinity scarf. Shame I can't thread my machine. Yes, we appreciate your photographer. I see his finger poised in an artsy fashion in his shadow :)

    Here you go: link to Factory online

  3. Thanks ladies! I do love this print and can think of several more that I wish would be re-created! Gigi...I know the finger pose is pretty funny!

  4. Love the skirt on you...I've tried several of these printed pencil skirts and no-can-do for me. I look like all fabric. I need longer legs!!! The colors on great in this one....and I love the black with it. Makes it much more dramatic.

  5. I appreciate the honest feedback! Danielle I agree a pop of color necklace would be fantastic! Peggy...I AM going to try to return this skirt! and am searching now a skinny cargo pants for women.I hope you help me.........

    Thank you